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Bronze Plaque Examples in 12" Medium Sizes

The examples on this page show in detail the design and specifications for plaques, specifically for 12" sizes. See other size categories for more examples. All are raised lettering, satin finish.

  • Kent State 12x12
  • Streamwood Parks 12x12
  • Chastain 12x10
  • Foothill 12x10
  • Paul Gist 12x10
  • Morehead State U. 12x10
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon 12x10
  • Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge 12x10

Kent CPM Plaque 12x12Streamwood Parks 12x12 PlaqueChastain Plaque 12x10Foothill Plaque 12x10Paul Gist Plaque 12x10Morehead Plaque 12x10Sigma Plaque 12x9Bear River MBR Plaque 12x10Jason Burns Plaque 12x12Diablo Plaque 12x12Iron Wheel PlaquePikes Peak Hospital Plaque 12x12Josh Davis PlaqueDean Koontz PlaqueCeltics PlaqueBalboa Plaque 12x12Mitchell Plaque 12x12So Cal Gas Plaque