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Archival Supplies & Kits

Safe Archival Supplies for Long Term Storage

  • Preservation Kits Preservation Kits

    Our preservation kits complement your time capsule storage project. Designed to save over 20% compared with purchasing items alone, our customers say that having the right enclosures for their items helps them get ready & allows more time for creativity.
  • Plastic Bags & Sleeves Plastic Bags & Sleeves

    These plastic enclosures work great to protect photos, documents & artifacts while in storage. Whether it's the simple zip Plastic Bags, Corrosion Intercept pouches, or the archival Clear Poly Photo Sleeves - you are bound to find the perfect solution.
  • Papers & Tissues Papers & Tissues

    Fine papers for writing, printing, or wrapping include Permalife papers, DAR Application Paper, and Micro-chamber Paper in various sizes. Archival tissue is buffered or unbuffered (passes P.A.T.) and sold by the sheet. Printed Letter for the Future stationery is here, too.
  • Specialty Storage & Boxes Specialty Storage & Boxes

    In this category are the Buffered Paper Envelopes, Mylar Marvelseal Bags, Corrosion Intercept Pouches, and our easy to use Newspaper File Kits. Archival storage boxes are also located here.
  • Conditioning Agents Conditioning Agents

    Here you can find packets of Oxygen Absorbers, Silica Gel, and White Packet Desiccants to condition your time capsule interior. The oxygen absorbers are scavengers that remove the oxygen in the air inside of the capsule, and the desiccant or silica gel acts to remove the moisture.
  • Books & Info Books & Info

    Here find our Books and Pamphlets dealing with long term storage and time capsules. Learn more about how to think about a time capsule container, how to choose items to put inside of a time capsule, and how to keep the items nice during their stay in long term storage.
  • Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

    Here are our Archival Pencils, Pens, Labels, White Cotton Gloves and other tools & supplies you might need for long term storage projects.