Choosing Your Time Capsule Products

Most of our time capsule customers have never done one before. If you have been tasked to find the right time capsule for your needs, Future Packaging & Preservation is a great place to start. You'll need to ask yourself a few questions first.That makes it easier to find what you need among our various products. While some of the following questions may overlap, answer them anyway. Then browse the above areas for information about how to choose the perfect Container, Plaque, Engraving, and Preservation Kit.

  1. Why are you doing a time capsule project?
  2. How long do you want to keep the time capsule until it's opened up again?
  3. Where will you place the time capsule?
  4. How will you make sure the time capsule is opened up by those you want to open it, and at the right time?
  5. Do you really care that the time capsule and its contents survive the intended length of time?

Why do a Time Capsule?

Just as we mark our birthdays or wedding anniversaries, we mark special events and passing of time as cultural interest, and wish to note certain things. For instance, when we mark a certain anniversary, we note that (1) we survived this long, (2) we are at a point in this present time of recognizing the fact, and (3) we are looking to the future that we do not know. Respect is a part of all of these. We respect the past and recognize the history, we respect the present in that we are able to do something special, and we respect the future because we just don't know what it holds. A popular tagline for placing a time capsule: "We honor the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future."

How Long?

The biggest reason for not making the 100 year or more length of interment is a personal one: "I want to be around when it's opened up." Or perhaps you have younger members of a group who will remember it and will be there. A company celebrating 25 years may do a 25 year time capsule to open at their 50 year mark, but a centennial celebration may choose a 50 year time capsule for their sesquicentennial year. If you only need a 50 year time capsule, you can choose any of our time capsules from the smaller cylinders to the affordable capped boxes to the heavy duty bolted time capsules. All are 304 stainless steel. All will seal sufficiently. For 75 years, choose a capped or bolted time capsule. For 100 or more years, choose the bolted time capsule.


Placement conditions are important to consider at the outset of your project. It matters where you place your time capsule. If you have an area outside that will remain undisturbed for the length of time you need, you might consider burying the time capsule. Burying the time capsule container at least 2 feet underground assures a stable temperature. Placement in a building wall is okay but should consider insulation if near an outer wall. Also, for indoor placement, how long will the building last? Placement outside above ground in its own enclosure might sound like a good idea, but consider enough insulation so that your time capsule is not baked and cooled daily over the length of time placed.

How Not to Forget

Make sure the placement is not forgotten. One way to do this is a metal plaque marker. If placement is outdoors, the plaque should be of outdoor quality such as cast bronze or aluminum and should be heavy duty. Think about possible vandalism over the years. Marking the time capsule container is different from a plaque. Engraving a time capsule lid makes it personal and gives it a message. If your time capsule is on display indoors, engraving may be all you need to make sure the time capsule is remembered.

Who Cares?

Our customers care about not only whether the time capsule container survives, but whether the time capsule contents survive in good condition. They pay attention to the material (stainless steel) and how it seals (silicone rules). They want to remove the oxygen easily and effectively (Ageless absorbers) and use plenty of air drying adsorbent (Desiccants) inside the container. And to keep the items inside separated and correctly enclosed, they use our preservation kits and supplies.

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