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This gallery of time capsule products shows examples of time capsules. It also shows ideas for two options you can choose to go with your time capsule: plaques and engraving. You can use a cast plaque to mark the spot of placement to assure your time capsule doesn't get lost. You may want to engrave the time capsule lid to show ownership or message on the time capsule container.

To begin your time capsule project, you'll need to choose the time capsule container. Next, you should choose a preservation kit that best matches the size of container and your mix of items. Most customers order a cast plaque if they intend to bury their time capsule. The plaque shows the where you place your time capsule. It also shows the 'who, what, and why' message that you intend to commemorate. Some customers like to engrave the time capsule container, too. Engraving is a beautiful way to mark the time capsule with your message or personalization.