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Outdoor Bronze Metal Plaques

Outdoor Aluminum Metal Plaques


This Metal Cast Plaques Gallery from Future Packaging & Preservation shows examples of cast bronze and cast aluminum plaques from plaques we provided to our customers over the years. Here you can see the wording that fits on each size. Choose your perfect border, color & fit.


On our metal plaques, you have a choice of a standard border. You could have no border, a single line border (the default), a bevel border, a single line/bevel edge border, or a double line border.

Background Color

Your choice of a background color is important to the look of the plaque. This is the color that goes behind the raised metal lettering on the plaque. The most popular colors for plaque backgrounds are: Dark Oxide (like a dark chocolate brown), Black, Brown (like a milk chocolate), and Gray. Many other standard colors are available, and in general, the darker colors work best along with the plaque's metal coloring. If you like the color in a certain plaque you see on our site, please refer to it in your order's notes. We will work with you to make sure you get what you want - we give you a drawing proof, a specifications sheet, and any other information that you need to make the decision.

Background Texture

When casting or forming a plaque, the metal looks nicest on a background if it has a texture. Common choices for textures are: leatherette, stipple, pebble, and sand. Sand is the smoothest looking.

Mounting Your Plaque

The most common method of mounting your plaque is 'blind' or 'bosses & studs' mounting and is shown below in image A. No holes are made in the pattern of your plaque, and you insert the hardware in from behind. You can also opt for holes through the face, and choose the kind of mounting you will use so that you get the right hardware to use (B shows wood, C shows concrete, D shows hollow). Standard rosettes are included with these options.

Mounting methods for plaquesDetailed mounting methods for plaques