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Time Capsules

Time Capsules of Stainless Steel

Capped Boxes

Choose a box size to provide more space for commonly archived things like documents, books, papers and photos, and allow them to be stored flat. The ones we stock are simple capped boxes, complete with oxygen removal and sealing kit - good for up to 75 year storage and can be buried. Add a preservation kit to provide separate enclosures for your contents. 

Cylinder Time Capsules

The cylinder shapes are popular because they are inexpensive, yet still made of stainless steel. Choose from those in our Family, Nonprofit (School), Baby & Wedding categories. These capsules are fine for storage up to 50 years or more. The time capsules you can bury come with sealant in their basic configuration. You can add a preservation kit or oxygen absorbers to complete the package.

Groundbreaking Time Capsules

This category includes some of both the capped and cylinder time capsule styles. You can look at both styles in this one category. The ones here have been most popular for groundbreaking and 'Topping Off' ceremonies.

Special Order Bolted Time Capsules

Here are the heavy duty time capsules that are special order only. This special Bolted Style 3000 lasts 100 or more years. Please allow 6 weeks fabrication time for this item.

  • Capped Time Capsules Capped Time Capsules

    Simple capped time capsule boxes are stainless steel, medium duty, reusable, affordable & can be placed or buried for up to 75 years or more.
  • Cylinder Time Capsules Cylinder Time Capsules

    Cylinder shaped time capsules include the 6x24", the 5.5x22", the 7.75x9" and the 3.5x11.75" sizes. They are light duty, affordable, and placed or buried up to 50 years. Our cylinders come in First and Standard quality versions.
  • Groundbreaking Time Capsules Groundbreaking Time Capsules

    Groundbreaking Time Capsules include Standard Quality Cylinders and Smaller Sized Capped Time Capsules. These are the most popular for Groundbreaking and Topping Off Ceremonies, all in one place.
  • Special Order Time Capsules Special Order Time Capsules

    Stainless steel quality bolted time capsule boxes are heavy duty, reusable, easy to use, & can be buried for 100 years or more. Not kept in stock, these capsules take up to 6 weeks to fabricate.