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Time Capsule Boxes

Time Capsule Boxes

Boxes provide more space for commonly archived things like documents, books, papers and photos, and allow them to be stored flat. Choose from two styles of stainless steel boxes:

  1. Our simple capped stainless steel time capsule container - easy to use & great for projects up to 75 years
  2. Our bolted stainless steel time capsule box - best for projects 100 years or more in length
Enhance the experience by adding one of our famous preservation enclosure kits, and personalize the time capsule with laser engraved marking of the time capsule lid. Consider also an outdoor plaque to mark the placement. This makes sure the capsule is found at the right time and by the right people.
  • Capped Time Capsules Capped Time Capsules

    Simple capped time capsule boxes are stainless steel, medium duty, reusable, affordable & can be placed or buried for up to 75 years.
  • Bolted Time Capsules Bolted Time Capsules

    Stainless steel quality bolted time capsule boxes are heavy duty, reusable, easy to use, & can be buried for 100 years or more.