Stainless Steel Time Capsules

Future Line Time Capsule Cylinders

The Future Line Cylindrical Time Capsules range in size from 3.5" x 11.75" to 6" x 24". Made of true 304 stainless steel, these time capsules are nice looking and polished. All of the basic Future Line Time Capsules come with sealant and label, while the Time Capsule Bundles come with preservation kit and oxygen removal in addition. If you follow all instructions for burial, you can easily bury them for 60 years or more. As options for this time capsule, you can get a variety of preservation kits and supplies as well laser or simple engraving of the time capsule lid. Our time capsule cylinders are the most affordable time capsules on the market today and provide plenty of space for letters, photos, and artifacts. They are popular time capsule containers for families, classrooms, students, yet are beautiful enough for a special company or municipal event.

Archives Box Capsules

Our Archives Box Time Capsules are made of sturdy 304 stainless steel. Designed for easy flat placement of documents, photos and ephemera, these stainless steel boxes can be buried for 75 years or more. Your time capsule order comes with everything you need for making it airtight and dry as well as oxygen-free (sealant, oxygen absorbers, desiccant). It comes with a limited warranty so you can be assured of quality, materials and workmanship. For time capsule options, you can choose from a variety of preservation enclosure kits as well as a beautiful laser engraving of the time capsule lid. Our capped stainless steel boxes are affordable yet sturdy and provide practical archival storage of letters, photos, artifacts, documents, books, electronic equipment, and many sizes of time capsule items. This is our most popular time capsule for large school projects, business anniversary events, and municipal time capsule dedications.