Quick Pick Easy Project Packages with Time Capsule, Preservation Kit and Plaque

Save time and effort by beginning your time capsule project with an easy package. First, find a time capsule you like. Then look at the package we've designed for it. We have taken the time capsule, matching kit, and popular size plaque - and discounted it for a package price. Each of these packages comes with a stainless steel Time Capsule Container, matching Time Capsule Preservation Supplies Kit, and an 8" x 10" outdoor quality aluminum plaque.

When you want a turn key project, consider one of these packages. Whether your budget is low, medium, or 'sky's the limit,' start with one of these fine easy time capsule packages. You can easily add engraving to your time capsule, or change the plaque material from aluminum to bronze, or increase the size of the plaque. Our range of time capsule sizes and types are the best.