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Time Capsule & Plaque Packages

Easy Packages with Time Capsule, Preservation Kit & Plaque

Save time and effort by beginning your time capsule project with an easy package. First, find a time capsule you like. Then look at the package we've designed for it. We have taken the time capsule, matching kit, and a popular size plaque - and discounted it for a package price. All packages start out with 8x10 Aluminum Plaques, but you can opt for a Bronze for additional charge. Should you want a different size plaque, just contact us to modify your order.

  • Small under $700 Small under $700

    The most affordable time capsule event starts here! You get time capsule, matching preservation kit, and an 8x10" plaque for a turnkey time capsule placement and a 10% discount! Time Capsule & Kit will ship right away, and you will get a proof for the plaque. Plaque must be approved and in process within 7 days after you order the package.
  • Medium under $1400 Medium under $1400

    Nice range of time capsule & plaque sizes for most budgets. Time Capsule boxes range from 10x8x18" to 16x16x16" and plaques from 8x10 to 12x12.
  • Large under $2000 Large under $2000

    Larger time capsules are packaged here with different plaques. Time Capsule boxes range from 12x12x20 to 16x16x30, with matching preservation kit and an 8x10 plaque size. If you'd like a different plaque size, it's easy for us to assist you with it after you make your initial order.