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Your Baby Treasures Time Capsule Book
Perfect bound paperback makes a thoughtful gift

Your Baby Treasures Time Capsule Book

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Book for Baby Time Capsules with special information on how to preserve stuff over time - helpful media preservation section
Part Number: BK-40636
Availability: If you are doing a time capsule for a baby - you need this book. It gives lots of info on how to take care of baby things in storage, too. Free Shipping.

Your Baby Treasures Time Capsule Book

Your Baby Treasures Time Capsule: How to Preserve Lasting Memories from Baby's First Year

Here is a Time Capsule memory project you can really use. The book shares archival ideas for keeping precious artifacts for 20+ years. It s for the making of a gift the child will enjoy when he s much older.

Author Janet Reinhold has over 25 years of education and experience with long term storage of artifacts and memorabilia. Mrs. Reinhold has preserved over 1500 time capsules for customers as varied as Heinz, Disneyland, Lockheed, and the Girl Scouts of America as well as hundreds of libraries, schools, historical societies and government agencies.

And, she's a mom. She knows what kind of items moms have to deal with as their children grow up. What to keep? How to keep it?

"This book is particularly strong with the author s practical suggestions on how to preserve artifacts. I know of no better book on the subject of Baby s Time Capsules and how to preserve lasting memories from an infant s first year. --Paul Stephen Hudson, Ph.D., International Time Capsule Society

There are always a few things that Mom can t part with when Baby outgrows them. Your Baby Treasures Time Capsule proposes a special
storage project to show how to keep Baby s items meaningfully for up to 20 years or more. After gathering the items, Mom places them into a
time capsule, seals it, and stores it until Baby is old enough to appreciate the collectible gifts saved just for him.

Read the book to discover:

  • Why some papers crumble over time and others stay nice
  • What makes a photo fade and what you can do to save it
  • How to keep baby clothes nice for years
  • Why you can store a lock of hair but not a piece of cake
  • Why things need proper enclosures when stored together
  • What to consider when storing electronic media

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