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  5. 16x24 Clear Plastic Zip Bag Heavy Wt Each (Min 3)
16x24 Clear Plastic Zip Bag Heavy Wt Each (Min 3)
4 mil thickness provides cushioning, protection

16x24 Clear Plastic Zip Bag Heavy Wt Each (Min 3)

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XL 16x24" Poly Zip Pouch Heavy 4 mil for Newspapers & Large Items, Clear Uncoated, each
Part Number: AS-36-41624-1
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16x24 Poly Zip Seal Newspaper Pouch 4 mil Clear (Minimum Order 3)

These large 16x24" bags are heavy weight yet they are archival and uncoated. This 16x24" Poly Zip Seal Newspaper Pouch 4 mil Clear Envelope is water resistant, thick, and completely inert. Size is 16"x24", zips along the 16" side. It nicely fits most older aged (civil war, etc) newspapers flat (in reading position) up to 15.5"x23.5". In the home economics world, they are popular to use for storage of household goods. They work well for protection from moisture. This is the same pouch that we use for the 16x24 Newspaper File Kit.

Ideas for Use

  • They make a wonderful enclosure for larger newspapers lying in a flat position
  • Perfect for large projects such as art material storage and children's poster artwork projects
  • Enclose multiple bound books and notebooks
  • Recommended for Time Capsule Item Collection
  • General Classroom Storage for materials, tools, aprons, etc.
  • Larger tool storage
  • Holding bags for any project that you need proper storage or organization and you cannot do that immediately
  • Seasonal clothing storage


  • Size: 16" x 24" with the zip along the 16" end
  • Material: Uncoated Polyethylene Plastic
  • Thickness: Heavy Duty 4 mil weight
  • Style: Zip sealing along 16" end
  • Each (quantity discounts available)
  • Min. order 3 each

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