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Thicker poly provides cushioning, more stability than 2 mil
Thicker poly provides cushioning, more stability than 2 mil

14x24 Clear Plastic Zip Bag Heavy Each

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Big 14x24" Poly Zip Pouch fits Newspapers, heavy duty plastic, clear, uncoated
Part Number: AS-36-41424
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14x24 Zip Bags Heavy Duty Clear Each (No Minimum)

These large 14x24" bags are heavy weight yet they are archival and uncoated.

Ideas for Use

  • Great for large projects such as protective long term storage of children's large poster artwork projects
  • Heavy enough to hold multiple bound books, notebooks and other manuscript papers
  • Recommended for use during collection of multiple time capsule project items and notes
  • General linen storage - blankets, sheets, tablecloth storage
  • Storage of classroom materials and supplies
  • Larger Artwork holding and storage
  • Storage for larger tools and appliances
  • Holding bags for any project that you need proper storage or organization and you cannot do that immediately
  • Seasonal clothing storage

Even though the bag is designed to store most modern newspaper issues without folding them, it will fit many other items. It's a popular starting point for gathering time capsule items - just place similar items or items from each group into its own bag. At home, it's handy when you need to store linens and small blankets and sweaters - just store like items together and extract as much air as possible. Any collector, museum, library, or archives will find hundreds of ways to use these heavy duty 4 mil Clear Polyethylene Zipper Bags. This 14x24" Poly Zip Seal Newspaper Pouch 4 mil Clear Envelope is water resistant, thick, and completely inert. This is the same fine pouch we use for our Newspaper File Kit 11364.

Please note: The bags are folded for ease of packaging.


  • Size: 14"x24"
  • Material: Uncoated polyethylene
  • Thickness: Heavy Duty 4 mil weight
  • Style: Zip sealing along the 14" end
  • Fits most modern city newspapers flat that measure up to 13.8" x 23.8" - often fits more than one whole (daily) issue
  • Each

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