Time Capsule Size

Example of Info Comparison for Time Capsules

You can determine what size you need for a time capsule container. But how do you begin? Here is one way to begin your search for the perfect size. 

Whose Time Capsule?

First, determine ‘Whose Time Capsule?’ it is. Is it personal or family, or is it a larger group? The larger group could be a school, a church, a company, or a government activity. Look at the ranges of capsules ordered by these groups.


Next, figure your specific budget. How much can you spend on the time capsule project and what is it for? 

Let’s say you are a church (temple, synagogue). Common time capsules for this category fall in the ‘medium’ category. That means the Sally 3x12" is likely to be too small and the Aries 16x16x30" too large. Now, how much money? If your budget is under $1,000, consider the Earth Time Capsule PKG (10x8x18 in size). It's tall and holds many common time capsule items. If you need a larger size consider the Uranus which measures 12x12x20".  

It's a Place to Start

The list is not all inclusive. We have many sizes sizes for time capsule containers. We have more than 5 different preservation kits. But with this chart, you have a place to start. It gives you an idea of which ones to choose via size and pricing.

Do This First

First, get a clean empty box with a lid - such as a commonly owned copy paper box. You can line this or wrap it as you like. But what's important is its size. Put your items into the box. Is it large enough? It may be too large for your items. Only by doing this will you understand what to consider in sizing.