A Hollywood Time Capsule Story


Washington Mutual hosted a Hollywood Time Capsule event in January 2004. Lots of folks attended. You'll never guess the secret that was buried beneath the bank company's concrete pathway!

Old Time Capsule Leaked

With Washington Mutual's generosity, a community's disappointment is re-imagined with a new time capsule & plaque. Having learned a lesson from an old time capsule from the 1940's that leaked, Hollywood placed a new time capsule built to last.

See that rusted tin movie reel? It held Gone With The Wind. Such a sad disappointment - the old time capsule leaked and was full of muck and mud. Photos show some of the ruined time capsule.

New Bolted Stainless Steel Capsule

The new capsule you see in these photos is our larger 16" x 16" bolted time capsule. It holds many new items donated by the community as well as the Hollywood studios. Future Packaging & Preservation helped with the preservation of items in the time capsule, too, and they used a large preservation kit for the job.

Hollywood's Old Time Capsule Leaked

Hollywood's Old Time Capsule from the 1940's

A New Bolted Stainless Steel Time Capsule

New FPP Bolted Time Capsule

Hollywood's old time capsule from the 1940's leaked. Made of plain mild steel, it rusted, and the seal deteriorated. It contained ruined memorabilia including a Gone With the Wind movie reel.
The new FPP time capsule is our Bolted 16x16" with its special blind hole design, thick stainless flange, machined O ring groove and silicone O ring.

Large Bronze Plaque

The last photos here show step by step how a plaque is placed in the ground. First the capsule is placed, then a piece of wood over it firmly. The cement is poured and set up. In the meantime the bronze plaque is made ready with anchoring hardware from behind. Workers set it right into the cement as it set up. In this way, the area above such a time capsule is sealed nicely.

The bronze plaque is a special size extra large plaque.

While this shows a good plaque placement, the time capsule should really be placed further down away from the sidewalk than shown here. The reason is one of insulation - the more insulated the time capsule contents are away from changes in temperature, the better. See our blog entry on insulation.

Area to Hold Time Capsule
Time Capsule Placed
Plywood Placed Above
Cement Poured Over Plywood
Plaque is put in place
Plaque eased in place

Here is a closeup of what the Hollywood Plaque looks like:

Hollywood Plaque
Look for it next time you are near Hollywood & Vine in Hollywood, California!