Family Time Capsule Cylinders Have Personality!

We’ve always named our time capsule styles and models. But what are they really like? Are they famous Time Capsule Personalities? Let’s get personal! This time capsule article covers the cylinders or cans of the Future Line.

The Sallies

per1_CrawfordOandSally.jpgIn the 1990’s, our first venture into the smaller time capsule market was Sally. Of the Time Capsule Personalities, this older style Sally time capsule is super portable, holds a minimum of things and looks cool in a velvet pouch.With a sleek style, this polished container is stainless steel and looks great with or without engraving. It’s perfect for putting on a shelf in its velvet pouch. Some customers put predictions inside and (at the end of a project, say, 5 years down the road) open it with eyes anew.

Because customers always wanted to bury our containers, we had the same size made, but we gave it a threaded cap closure, our newer style Sally. Along with the silicone sealant wax kit that we include with every newer Sally order, the Sally’s threaded cap makes it a good design for burial if the customer wants to do that. The sealant makes it more permanent.

TC_Sally_horz_72dpi_720x720.jpgAs for Time Capsule Personalities, this Sally is plainer looking than the older style Sally. She’s deep drawn stainless steel on the bottom, and you can see the threaded cap protruding at the top when it’s closed. Yet, she’s easy to bury almost anywhere with a minimum of tools and know-how. It helps if you read the instructions on the sealant kit, however.

Is she one personality or two? Well she could be a split personality. One’s threaded and born to be buried. The other is sleek, easy to open, and looks best in a velvet pouch. Twins? Fraternal, maybe. Probably, cousins – and I like to think of my Great Aunt Inez Crawford and cousin when I think of our Sally product. 


TC_Arnold_open_72dpi_720x720.jpg Of the Time Capsule Personalities, the Arnold Time Capsule is a problem. He is a problem child born in India. Nice size. Stainless steel and threaded, and deep drawn bottom – these make for an okay burial design. Handle on lid because at 7.75” in diameter, the lid is not easy to close without the handle to guide one’s hand to control the closure. Perfect size in being 9” tall, you can put a book or diary in it, or a bunch of 45 records all stacked up, and sheets of paper 8.5” wide along the side, too.

So of all the Time Capsule Personalities, why is he the problem child? Because there must have been an earthquake or something when they were polishing these dandy units, since just about every little guy has a nick or scratch that was done to them BEFORE being polished. Sigh. 70% of them need to be sold as ‘irregular’ or ‘blemished’. Functionally, they’re sound. But on display? Maybe not so much. Arnold drives our Quality Guy nuts. Arnold is our ‘Bart Simpson’ of time capsules.

Arnold got the name because he was born at the same time California was demanding Arnold Schwarzenegger as a new Governor. He also drove our Quality Guy nuts, but for different reasons.

The Mrs. Future 5.5" diam. x 22" high

The Mrs. Future Time Capsule. She fits into the Mr. Future container nicely, and that’s how our factory from China shipped them over here. Is there a perfect one inside of each Mr.? Not likely. Each unit needs to be inspected, so we do that: Quality Guy gives them the usual 12 point inspection. Oh heck, we inspect everything.

TC_MrsFuture_72dpi_720x720.jpgThe poor Mrs.! Next to the Mr, who’s slightly larger, she’s just not as popular. More folks want the largest of any two sizes. 6×24? is not really so much larger than her 5.5×22? – not really. But given the two sizes, folks just naturally go for the 6×24?. So as for Time Capsule Personalities, she needs a better PR agent than her counterpart.

Personality? She’s got a lot of it. The Mrs. (she could be a Ms) is independent and thrives being on her own, thank you very much. But, she is open-minded enough to work with the Mr. when it’s a good idea to do so! She may not be as popular as her hubby but, she doesn’t care that much.

She looks good and being slightly smaller, is easier for tucking away in a closet if that method of storage is chosen over, say, burial. We can’t use Marge Simpson here since, well, she’s probably more popular than her Homer! We have this time capsule in first quality and second quality units. Both are stainless steel & airtight. You can bury either.

Popular Mr. Future is 6" diam. x 24" high

Indeed, the Mr. Future Time Capsule is the most popular time capsule personality. He’s the tallest in the Future Line. He’s the can with the biggest room inside. He measures 6? across the opening (diameter) and his length overall is 24? or 2 whole feet.

Because he was on the outside when he was shipped to us, we inspect each of these guys before we ship them to our customers. He may have some little damage, here and there (if he does, and it’s deemed only cosmetic by Quality Guy, we put them on big discount). We have this unit in both first quality and second quality. You can bury either of them.

Personality wise, the Mr. Future is kind of over confident and cheeky. He knows he’s the biggest, and he thinks he’s the best, too! Is he? He is the most confident of the time capsule personalities. It’s a matter of personal taste, though, isn’t it?