What size time capsule do I need?

Time Capsule Size

Time Capsule SizeWe’ve found a great way to help you determine what size of time capsule you need. See our info-graphic in this post to find out how to figure the size of your project - including cost - before you’ve even gathered your first item! Prices are subject to change.

To help you decide on the correct size of time capsule you need, see the handy Time Capsule info-graphic, "What Size Time Capsule Do I Need?"

Find your budget and your group, and see the time capsules that fit perfectly! If you need a custom package, simply ask our office for a written estimate.

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8 Ideas for Interesting Time Capsule Items You Can Get Cheap or Free

Place a Daily Newspaper in your time capsule

8 Ideas for Interesting Time Capsule Items You Can Get Free or Cheap

It's not difficult to find interesting time capsule items for your time capsule. From a current MVP Baseball Player's Rookie card to the mundane daily newspaper, just place these into a leak-proof time capsule container for future recipients.

Coins, paper money, and medallions are popular to include, and they can be pricey. But your gifts to the future openers of your own time capsule container need not be expensive. Read on for 8 essential items to include in your time capsule for under $35.
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Time Capsule Size Revisited – What do I Really Need?

Family Size Time capsules

Time Capsule Size Revisited – What do I Really Need?

What size time capsule do I want? Is it what I need?

If you are just beginning your time capsule project, figuring the size of container you need is one of the first things you need to do. Whether it is for a small project (such as a personal time capsule or family time capsule) or a larger one, this article helps you figure size of time capsule needed by estimating the size of the items you want to put inside as keepsakes.

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Standard vs First Quality Time Capsules

Inspection for 12 Important Quality Points

Standard vs First Quality for Family Time Capsules

Future Line Standard Time Capsules

Q: I am interested in a Standard Time Capsule on your website, but would like to know what is the extent of the damage. Are they small dents/dings or are they big? Is it possible for you to tell me more?

A: There is only a minor cosmetic difference, and you can see more detail in this article.

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Time Capsules and Protection - You Just Can't Have It Both Ways

Standard Time Capsule and Outdoor Plaque

Why You Can't Have It Both Ways

Whether you are wracking your brains to find the perfect Time Capsule container, or finding something that will do because you have no money, know this: you can't have it both ways. That is to say, you can't spend NO money on a time capsule container and have the best protection for your items. That being said...we have some recommendations for you, and ways you can save money without compromising quality.

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Time Capsules 101: What are they and when to open them

Cupaloy Time Capsule Placement

Time Capsules 101: What are they and when to open them

This article helps define what a time capsule is, some of the history behind it, and how to choose an opening date for your time capsule. Find references here for the "Book of Record" made by the first time capsule ever - the Westinghouse Time Capsule of Cupaloy at the 1939 World's Fair. And it discusses how others have determined the opening year for their time capsule and the thinking behind them. Doing a report? Start here.

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Time Capsule Shapes to Consider

Cylinder ShapeTime Capsule Shapes to Consider

Comparing Cylinder & Box Time Capsules

When choosing the time capsule shape you need, consider these things first. You might have a preconceived notion of what shape the capsule should be. "Shouldn't it look like a pill capsule?" is a comment we often hear. The bullet shaped Time Capsule of Cupaloy at the World's Fair in 1939 gave people the vision and then the preconceived notion of what shape the capsule should be. But when you actually do your time capsule, it's a different matter. Major differences in shapes are...

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Secrets of Future Thinking Your Time Capsule Must Know

Time Capsule Keeper will remember the opening dateSecret Time Capsule Tips for Future Thinking

If you have never done a time capsule project before, how do you think about it?

Find out how by doing some ‘future thinking.’ Those who place time capsules plan someday for either themselves or someone else to open it once again to remember and to ponder the contents.

You'll think about timing. Popular timing goes 10, 25, 50, or 100 years or more in the future. It may be meaningful: sesquicentennial celebrants will choose 150 to match the year of celebration, or simply 50 so that the capsule can be opened at the bicentennial. Essentially, any time capsule is a snapshot of today as well as a gift for the future. You want the time capsule to last, your contents to survive in great condition, and use a plaque to make sure it's not forgotten in the future when you are not around.

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Your Time Capsule – the Stuff Dreams are Made of!


Your Time Capsule – the Stuff Dreams are Made of!


Maybe it won’t be Sam Spade who finds your time capsule many years from now. But someone will find it. Someone will need to deal with it. What are some ideas that you can implement now so that, years down the road, those who open your time capsule might find their job a bit easier? For one thing...

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Types of Stainless Steel Time Capsule Boxes

Time Capsule Box StainlessTypes of Stainless Steel Time Capsule Boxes

We have two kinds of time capsule boxes. Both are stainless steel, both can be buried. But they differ in style. The capped archives box time capsule is a simple design while the bolted time capsule box is a more complicated design. Even though they differ in design, they still provide sturdy protection. In general, choose a special order bolted box if you need to store your items more than 75 years, or choose the capped box for moderately protected long term storage or burial up to 75 years.

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When is a Time Capsule Vault Necessary?

Example of buried bolted time capsule

When is a Time Capsule Vault Necessary?

A vault is not always necessary. But sometimes there are reasons for encasing a time capsule in a vault. This article discusses when they are useful and when they are necessary, and if you have one, how to make sure it is helpful and not harmful to a time capsule's longevity.

This article shows an example of a burial vault. Updated article as of 2021.

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Don't Gamble on Your Time Capsule Container

don't gamble on a bad time capsule containerDon't Gamble on Your Time Capsule Container

When it comes time for you to place those precious contents into something, don't skimp on the time capsule container.

Why spend time and money on your time capsule contents only to have the recipients some 50 years hence open a mushy mucky mess?

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