Planning Your Time Capsule Event in Uncertain Times

Time Capsule Event Planning

How do you choose an event date when the future event's timing is uncertain? These days sometimes the date of the current event is uncertain. Indeed, how do you plan or even choose wording that will be correct and not wrong for something as permanent as a plaque? Well, it just has to work. There are several ways to approach what you need to do.

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Go Colorful with a Green Plaque

Green Plaque ExampleColorful Green Plaques

Yes. You need to mark the placement of your time capsule so that future folks will know where to find it! But you don't need to keep the color to black or dark brown.

Now, for a background color, why not consider green? This article shows some examples of green plaques for both bronze and aluminum plaque materials. We show you some borders and textures as well as the green. Go green today!

This Les Johnson plaque is a good example of a Bronze Plaque with a Dark Green color background.

All of our plaques have a lifetime guarantee. Start with your choice of an aluminum or bronze material. That will be the color of the material showing through for your raised lettering and logo. Read on for how to make the best choice that will last a lifetime.
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A Hollywood Time Capsule Story

Hollywood Memories

A Hollywood Time Capsule Story

Washington Mutual hosted a Hollywood Time Capsule event in January 2004. About 100 persons and celebrities attended. But you would never guess the secret that was buried beneath the bank company's concrete pathway! See this post for that answer, and also a great how to for installing a plaque properly onto wet cement.

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How to Find Your Lost Time Capsule

Lost Livermore Time Capsule

Lost Time Capsules

There should be no lost time capsules. But unfortunately, future folks sometimes lose track of where the capsule was placed years ago.

If you are planning a time capsule, use the information in this article to  make sure yours is not lost.

If you’ve lost a time capsule placed in the past, use this article as a checklist to try various methods that just might help you find one that is already lost.

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8 Ideas for Interesting Time Capsule Items You Can Get Cheap or Free

Place a Daily Newspaper in your time capsule

8 Ideas for Interesting Time Capsule Items You Can Get Free or Cheap

It's not difficult to find interesting time capsule items for your time capsule. From a current MVP Baseball Player's Rookie card to the mundane daily newspaper, just place these into a leakproof time capsule container for future recipients.

Coins, paper money, and medallions are popular to include, and they can be pricey. But your gifts to the future openers of your own time capsule container need not be expensive. Read on for 8 essential items to include in your time capsule for under $35.
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Eli Lilly Time Capsule 2003

Eli Lilly Time Capsule All Done

Eli Lilly's Time Capsule Plaza

Photos provided by Eli Lilly show an interesting placement idea for time capsule containers. The Eli Lilly Time Capsule measures 12" x 12" x 14" and they gathered their items in 2003. They placed their time capsule in 2004 at their Time Capsule Plaza in Lafayette, Indiana. Photos show some challenges that they succeeded in hurdling when they finally buried the capsule below the boulder. The capsule is secured beneath the boulder. Although today (in 2017) Eli Lilly is no longer located there, it is now Evonics, and the time capsule is still there. The owners intend to be faithful to the opening instructions, and some of the same people who were at Eli Lilly are still at the new company.

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When Your Elementary School Celebrates 100 Years

Mitchell Elementary Time Capsule Dedication

Mitchell Celebrates 100 with Time Capsule & Plaque

Time capsules help 100 Year Old Elementary Schools such as Henry Mitchell Elementary in Tampa have history and make it, too. So what do you do when your school celebrates a whopping 100 years? On February 22, 2015, the school held its Centennial Celebration with an ice cream social and dedication of the time capsule and plaque to mark the event.

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Your Time Capsule – the Stuff Dreams are Made of!


Your Time Capsule – the Stuff Dreams are Made of!


Maybe it won’t be Sam Spade who finds your time capsule many years from now. But someone will find it. Someone will need to deal with it. What are some ideas that you can implement now so that, years down the road, those who open your time capsule might find their job a bit easier? For one thing...

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When It's Time for a Time Capsule!

Covina Logo Line Art

When It's Time for a Time Capsule!

When do you do a time capsule event for your community? What's the occasion? Is it a ground breaking? You can do a time capsule project just about any time you want to do it. On April 8, 1986, the city of Covina, California chose to celebrate its centennial of founding. Along with the year's festivities, the mayor's time capsule was a primary focus. The community got involved!

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Simple Time Capsule Project Planning

Simple Time Capsule Project Planning

How to Make Your Time Capsule Project Work!

FoothillChristianTC3.jpgWhat is the most important part of your time capsule project? It's you or your group. Yes, people. People will support you, and they will argue with you. People can make or break a time capsule project. Some people will come up with good ideas and yet others will give you bad ones.You can start with some good ideas here...

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Eskom Time Capsule Event in South Africa

Eskom Capsule Ceremony

Eskom Buries Time Capsule

In May 1999, people from the Eskom company buried one of our bolted time capsule boxes. Eskom is a South African electricity public utility. The government of South Africa first established it in 1923 as the Electricity Supply Commission (ESCOM). The company was also known by its Afrikaans name, Elektrisiteitsvoorsieningskommissie (EVKOM). The two acronyms were combined in 1986. In 2009, the company is known as Eskom. This time capsule was painted.

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Deerfield's Bicentennial Time Capsule

Deerfield Community Time Capsule

Bicentennial Time Capsule for Deerfield 200 in New York

The Bicentennial for Deerfield, New York in 1998 featured a community time capsule project headed up by Dick Kowalczyk. The time capsule committee for the Deerfield NY Bicentennial made an enclosure for the time capsule. We recommended that they insulate all around the time capsule container before capping off the enclosure. They placed a plaque at the top of the time capsule enclosure. Most time capsule events include both time capsule container and plaque.

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A Time Capsule for the University of Texas Austin

People at the UT Time Capsule EventUniversity of Austin Places Time Capsule

In September 2005, the University of Texas, Austin dedicated one of our stainless steel bolted time capsule containers. This U Texas Austin Bolted Time Capsule measures 12"  x 12"  x 24 inches (our Architect model). You can also order an outdoor plaque to mark the place that you put the time capsule container. The photos show the U Texas Austin Bolted Time Capsule buried under the bricked courtyard in a cement area below.

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Eagle Scout Community Project for Upper Souris Wildlife

Eagle Scout Capsule

Eagle Scout Project Features Wildlife Time Capsule in Upper Souris, North Dakota

Boy Scouts take things seriously, and Eagle Scouts especially do. The dedication Ceremony for one of the USFW National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS) Time Capsules was spearheaded by Daniel Johnson for his Eagle Scout project. It was a project enjoyed by the whole community there in North Dakota. This ceremony was held at the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge in that state. And Daniel took the project very seriously. He wanted to make sure the items last long into the future. 

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