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International Time Capsule Society

The International Time Capsule Society’s Questionnaire – make sure your time capsule can be found in the future by those whom you intend to see it

Conservation & Preservation: Taking Care of Things Over Time

  • Time Capsule Tips from the Smithsonian Institution

Learn more about taking good care of items inside of your time capsule. The staff at the Smithsonian chose one of our time capsules for their own time capsule. Did we do the fancy Clinton Administration time capsule? No. Did we do the fancy Obama Administration time capsule? No. Our time capsules are not fancy or made into any cute shapes. Our time capsules are sturdy, designed properly, and they're made to last. When the Lab at the Smithsonian reviewed the time capsules, they chose ours.

  • Caring for Private & Family Collections – NEDCC

The Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) is the largest nonprofit, regional conservation center in the United States. Its mission is to improve the preservation programs of libraries, archives, museums, and other historical and cultural organizations; to provide the highest quality services to institutions that cannot afford in-house conservation facilities or that require specialized expertise; and to provide leadership to the preservation field.

Do you really want to learn the science behind what happens to artifacts over time? Start here!

Make Sure Photographs Last a Long Time

We recommend this site to evaluate your own photos for the long term – whether it’s for your family descendants or for stowing away in our time capsules. Whatever printer you use, consider the testing done on it, along with the various papers available and the inks, too. Here’s a link to the site as well as to one good jumping-off point article to help get your thoughts in order!

From an interview in 2003, Wilhelm advises this about color photos you need to last:

  1. Make sure you have 2 sets of all important photos - one for display & one to keep in a dark, dry place
  2. Because the stability of color processing has improved dramatically since the 1980's, color prints made recently and stored away from light should be in 'quite good condition' 100 years from now

Source: "Can the Photos of the 20th Century Be Saved?" (The Washington Post Magazine, May 18, 2003, page 21) - accessed via www.wilhelm-research.com

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  • Time Capsule Art

Stephen Kaltenbach, Artist…and his time capsule art