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Time Capsule Success Stories

Some of our customers and their projects & events are featured in this category.

Insulating Your Time Capsule Container

Posted by J Reinhold on 8/8/2016 to FAQ

4 time capsules inside the Times CapsuleInsulating Your Time Capsule Container

Capturing Time from 1999

Case study from 1999's Millennium Times Capsule in New York City shows the challenges of placing a time capsule sculpture out in the open for 1,000 years.

Thinking about the challenges of insulation for that project leads to some timely suggestions for common time capsule placement as well.

Eli Lilly Time Capsule 2003

Posted by J Reinhold on 10/8/2015 to Success Stories
Eli Lilly Time Capsule All Done

Eli Lilly's Time Capsule Plaza

Photos from Eli Lilly show an interesting placement idea for time capsule containers. The Eli Lilly Time Capsule measures 12?x12?x14?, and they placed their time capsule in 2004 at their Time Capsule Plaza in Lafayette, Indiana. Photos show some challenges that they succeeded in hurdling when they finally buried the capsule below the boulder. The capsule is secured beneath the boulder.

Eagle Scout Project Upper Souris Wildlife

Posted by J Reinhold on 10/1/2015 to Events
Eagle Scout Capsule

Eagle Scout Project Features Wildlife Time Capsule in Upper Souris

The dedication Ceremony for one of the USFW National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS) Time Capsules was spearheaded by Daniel Johnson for his Eagle Scout project. It was a project enjoyed by the whole community there in North Dakota. This ceremony was held at the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge.

Elementary School Celebrates 100 Years

Posted by J Reinhold on 8/11/2015 to Events
Mitchell Elementary Time Capsule Dedication

Mitchell Celebrates 100 with Time Capsule & Plaque

Time capsules help 100 Year Old Elementary Schools such as Henry Mitchell Elementary in Tampa have history and make it, too. On February 22, 2015, the school held its Centennial Celebration with an ice cream social and dedication of the time capsule and plaque to mark the event.

Foothill Christian School Buries Time Capsule

Posted by J Reinhold on 6/15/2014 to Success Stories

Foothill Christian School Buries Time Capsule

Foothill Christian buried one of our 14x14x20" stainless steel containers in May 2014.  Students and teachers at the Glendora, California school dedicated a time capsule they will open up again in 25 years to happy future memories. They also dedicated a plaque to mark the placement. The school first opened in 1964.

Artistic Time Capsule Preserves History

Posted by J Reinhold on 7/4/2011 to Success Stories
Margaret and the Time Capsule

Artistic Time Capsule Preserves View in Manassas

When we hear back from our customers after a time capsule project, we rejoice. It is no small task to survive a time capsule project and event. These photos from 2001 show what one customer did with their time capsule. What she did to make her time capsule a work of art…and preserve the landscape's original view before it is lost forever.