Standard vs First Quality for Family Time Capsules

Future Line Standard Time Capsules

Q: I am interested in the Arnold 7x9 Time Capsule on your website, but would like to know what is the extent of the damage. Are they small dents/dings? Is it possible for you to tell me more about the standard time capsules?

More detail about our standard time capsules

It’s in the Inspection

Inspecting Time Capsules for 12 Important PointsOur inspector gives all capsules a full inspection before we ship. For every 12 he inspects, he will find 3 or 4 to be first quality. Only a few pass all quality points plus cosmetics. The others are either reworked to sell as refurbished time capsules or they are scrapped. To answer “What’s wrong with the refurbished time capsules?” let’s talk about those that don’t get that far.

If the lid does not fit well, Dan scraps the time capsule. Dents on sides? Scrapped. Does the defect mean the capsule container is not sturdy? Does the container lid not seat well on the time capsule body? He scraps all those, too. They don’t pass inspection at all.

Our inspector looks at each time capsule with a picky eye. First, he looks for dents. Then, he looks for scratches. So what’s wrong with the refurbished time capsules?

Standard or School Time Capsules

If dents and scratches are minor, he leaves them in place. If he can remove minor dents, he does so. He may polish them to make them less noticeable. We sell these standard time capsules at a deep discount. We say these time capsules have ‘cosmetic blemishes’ and call them refurbished or standard. You can save money with little or no real quality issues when you buy these standard time capsules.They are perfect choices for schools or for families wishing to bury their time capsule.

Our inspector is as picky when he looks at the standard time capsules as he is with the practically perfect ones. He would never pass a unit that would not protect the items inside. The lid must fit well. He tests the threaded areas to make sure they close like they should. He looks at 12 things on each unit!

Standard 7x9 Time CapsulesStandard Arnold Time Capsule

Sometimes, the handle of the imperfect unit is off center. The lid works just fine, but you can tell the lid is a bit off center. Its real quality passes, but it looks odd. So we sell it as imperfect. It falls into the standard or refurbished time capsule category. Can you use it with confidence? Of course. We do not sell you anything we would not be happy with ourselves.

The inspector finds common imperfections on the Arnold time capsule. For instance, he often finds small dings along the edge of the bottom of this time capsule and on its lid. This is from mishandling during the manufacturing process. He tries to remove them. But sometimes you can tell if you look with a magnifying glass that he reworked it. The time capsule’s sides look perfect – even the refurbished ones. Small imperfections may show on the lid and the bottom of the capsule. We offer standard time capsules in the 6x24" Mr Future and 5.5x22" Mrs Future sizes, too.

Photos Difficult of Shiny Stainless Steel

If the image in your mind is one of a crushed or dented aluminum can, that’s the wrong concept to have. These are not aluminum, they don’t dent like aluminum does. Yet they will have small scratches on the bottom and often on the lid.

We don’t just have one imperfect time capsule that we take a photo of and sell one at a time. We inspect before we ship. Any photo we show you of a standard time capsule shipping today will not be the same as the one we have next week. And, it’s difficult to take a photo of a polished stainless steel time capsule. It’s too shiny to do well.

Ask Yourself "What is the Purpose of My Time Capsule?

What do you want the time capsule for? If it’s for display or for engraving, we recommend getting the first quality ones. 

Is the time capsule intended for burial? Is it for a school party? Is the real consideration of long term protection of time capsule contents important? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes,’ I would choose one that’s blemished. The cost savings for real quality vs cosmetic quality is significant.

The standard or refurbished time capsules are imperfect in cosmetics only. They may not look perfect. But the quality remains. This means the standard or refurbished time capsules will protect the items you put inside. They will not rust unless mishandled or misused.

We stand behind our products – even the imperfect ones. Yes, even these standard time capsules.

[A big thank you to Lindsey Baker for asking this question!]