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82703 Sealant Kit - option with wax kit, instructions
82703 Sealant Kit - option with wax kit, instructions

Sealant Small 1 oz Black Tube

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Small Sealant with or without kit and instructions for time capsule sealing, 1 oz tube
Part Number: AS-82700
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Small Sealant 1 oz Tube

With or Without Wax Kit or Instructions for Time Capsule Sealing

Here is the same sealant we provide with many of our cylinder tube time capsules in the Future Line family & school time capsules. The basic version of the sealant comes with applicator and tube in the original cardboard pack. You can opt to get the sealant kit that is the same that we provide for our time capsules, or just opt for the instructions if you need them for time capsule application and hints.

We don't include it with our baby time capsules, so you can now add it to your order should you wish to bury the time capsule. Adding the sealant to your time capsule will extend the safe life of burial, and we recommend it. The kit, available as an option, includes all of the following:

  • Tube of silicone sealant, 1 ounce size, black color
  • Wax (application is optional, but doing so extends the life of burial)
  • Instructions for how to apply the sealant
  • Instructions/recommendations for how to bury the time capsule
The instructions are the "how to apply" information for a time capsule cylinder with threads such as our Future Line cylinders may have. For additional information, please also see our How to Bury A Time Capsule leaflet, for sale separately.

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