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Typical Processing TimesInspection for Quality

Time Capsules (1 day to 4-5 weeks)

Customers will call and ask how long it takes to process a time capsule. But we offer a variety of different kinds of capsules, so please see the times below.

  •  Family Time Capsules (1 to 4 days, in stock), Nonprofit Time Capsules (1 to 3 days, in stock)
The cylinder-shaped Future Line time capsules are in stock. However, processing time involves quality assurance (a 12-point inspection) before releasing them to the shipping department. In general, allow 1 working day after ordering for the inspection and packing for standard irregular time capsules and 2 days for basic 'practically perfect' ones. Please see the item for specific time allowances. In general, Family Time Capsules are our best quality, while Nonprofit (or School) Time Capsules have slight imperfections but are excellent values and are still good quality time capsules for most any purpose.

  • Capped Time Capsule Boxes (1 to 2 days)

Our stainless steel box time capsules are made one at a time. For capped time capsules, we try to keep all sizes in stock, but the quantity will vary based on past orders. If they are in stock, allow 1 to 2 days processing. We give each time capsule box a final inspection and strong packing for transit. If they are not in stock, you can still order them but need to add the fabrication time - often 4 weeks.

  • Bolted Time Capsule Boxes (1 to 2 days if in stock, otherwise 4 to 5 weeks)

We may have a few of these in stock, but in general, our bolted time capsules are special order items. They can take up to 4 or 5 weeks or more. Please call or email our office for status if you are in doubt about timing or if you wish to cancel your order.

Plaques (17 to 25 days estimate)

In general, our outdoor plaques take about 3-1/2 weeks in all. Why is this? In general, simple plaques can take less time. But here are the details:

First, you need to make the order and send us the message you want on the plaque. Then, we make a black & white drawing proof for you to approve. We give you a Specifications Sheet (this will be the same as your ordering specs) - this is also for your final approval. You may approve these by email. This process can take from 1 to 3 days. (It can take longer if you do not get your approval to us.) Once the proofs are approved, we send the order to the foundry. There it goes through their art check process and they provide us with a color proof. This process takes 2 working days. We check it over for look and specs, as well as shipping information. Then we approve it. They will input the order and give us the estimated date at that time. [Total for prep: 3 to 5 days]Nevada CCF 10x8 Bronze Plaque Proof

For example, on 10/26 we approved a proof for the Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation plaque. Their projected ship date was 11/8 for this plaque - 9 working days. This same plaque shipped on 11/4. So the foundry is efficient, plus - they do nice quality work. [Total for average foundry fabrication: 9 working (or 13 calendar) days.]

Now, we need to add shipping time [Shipping estimate: 5 working days or 7 calendar]. Using all the estimates, timing can take 17 working to 25 calendar days in all. This will vary!

If you do not need to include a logo or picture, the process is simple. The copy you want just needs to fit onto the size you choose. In most cases, you may need to edit your wording and/or use all capital letters. Most customers send us what they want to say first and a suggested size. Please see the Gallery for examples of what other customers have done with their plaque dedication wording.

If you have a logo picture, the process can be more complicated. First, the artwork has to meet certain requirements so that the metal can be poured into the cast mold without too much detail being lost. Simplify your artwork accordingly. Strict guidelines include: line thickness (4 pts); spacing in between letters and images (1/16"); font size (1/4" all capitals, 3/8" capitals/lower case). The artwork must be in editable (outlined) vector format, black and white, and saved in *.ai, *.eps, *.cdr that our Adobe CS5 or CorelDrawX6 can open. If your software is more recent than these, please save in a lower format before you submit to us. If you would like us to render your artwork for you, please send it to us and request a quotation, which is based on the time required to render it correctly. Once your artwork is checked and if it passes, we give you a proof and specifications sheet. After you approve both sheets, we submit to the foundry. Assuming no artwork issues, the turnaround time is the same as for simpler plaques.

Preservation Kits (1 to 2 days)

Most of our smaller time capsule kits are in stock and ship right away. Kits 1 and 3 are often in stock, but if we need to assemble the materials, it can take 2 days time.

Easy Time Capsule Packages

These turnkey solutions provide you with a time capsule, matching preservation kit & conditioners, plus an outdoor quality plaque. Add the times above for the best estimate of the time for your project.

Archival Supplies

Supplies are kept in stock and are packed within 1 or 2 days of your order.

For more information about the Shipping - such as Maps for Time in Transit for Fed Ex Ground, USPS, and UPS, see our Shipping Pages: USA or International.