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Kit Small Time Capsule Preservation Sally
$11.99 $9.97 Sale
Simple preservation kit with sleeves for documents, small photos (designed for our 3x12 time capsule)
Simple Document Preservation Kit Arnold
$16.99 $14.97 Sale
Ships promptly! Perfect small preservation kit for documents!
Document Storage Kit Small for TC Boxes
$22.89 $19.97 Sale
Designed for smaller box time capsules, this kit works for any document storage projects.
Preservation Kit for 5x22 Mrs Future Time Capsule, with Archival Supplies
$33.99 $29.99 Sale
Ships promptly! Designed for the 5x22" time capsule, this kit works for family sized projects.
Time Capsule Preservation Kit for 6x24 Mr Future, with Archival Supplies
$41.99 $39.97 Sale
Ships promptly. Designed for the 6x24" Time Capsule, this kit is great for any family sized project.
Basic Preservation Kit for Time Capsules
$79.13 $62.97 Sale
Ships promptly! Preservation kit has lots of supplies and enclosures for time capsule items
Preservation Kit Regular Size for Time Capsule Boxes - Kit 1
$151.41 $119.99 Sale
Ships promptly! Keep your time capsule items in great condition inside of your time capsule by using these enclosures.
Preservation Kit for Time Capsules - Large - Kit 3
$311.38 $248.99 Sale
Allow 2 days' processing. Recommended supplies for items inside the time capsule
Newspaper File Kit 2 pc 12x15 Free Booklet
$7.69 $6.99 Sale
Item is on backorder & is expected within 2 weeks