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Personal 3x12 Indoor Time Capsule
Capsule measures 3.5" diam x 11.75" long - pop off cap works great for indoor placement.

Personal 3x12 Indoor Time Capsule

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Indoor Sally Time Capsule 3.5"x12" is stainless steel, has small blemishes on bottom, but is still nice - includes a beautiful velvet pouch.
Part Number: FL-35122SD
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Personal 3x12 Indoor Sally Time Capsule Standard

Nice little indoor time capsule - comes with velvet pouch & more.

Time Capsule for indoor use comes with

  • 3.5" d. x 11.75" long time capsule with pop off lid (will have a small scratch or blemish)
  • Red velvet pouch (lined with white satin) (or now you can choose not to have the pouch for additional cost savings)
  • Time Capsule Label, silver 2.5x3.5" for you to apply, write on
  • 4 g silica gel
  • 1 Blank Sheet of Cream Printed Stationery, Letter to the Future
  • 1 Inventory Sheet

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