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Personal 3x12 Indoor Sally Time Capsule Set
Indoor personal time capsule is sleek, nice looking, classy

Personal 3x12 Indoor Sally Time Capsule Set

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Sleek Indoor Stainless Time Capsule 3.5 x 12" with velvet pouch top quality - perfect for special projects for wedding, graduation, anniversary
Part Number: FL-35121
Availability: Stainless steel time capsule with velvet pouch presentation

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Personal Indoor Time Capsule Easy Open

This Time Capsule Set for Indoor Use Only -  includes

  • Stainless steel tube 3.5" in diameter by 11.75" long time capsule with pop off lid (best quality available)
  • 4 g silica gel
  • Starter stationery pack (2 Letters to the Future, inventory sheet)
  • 8-15/16 x 11-1/4" archival clear envelope for certificate, digital photo or document/letter sheets
  • Silver Time Capsule Label (you can use a Sharpie pen to write info on date placed and date to open)
  • Red velvet pouch (lined with white satin) - or choose another color (see options)
All of our other time capsules are made to bury, EXCEPT THIS ONE. This personal time capsule features a pop-off lid, and therefore should not be buried. Sealant is difficult to apply to this one, so no sealant is included. It's a beautiful container, and should be kept indoors. If you want this size to bury, we suggest the 35120sd.

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