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Arnold 7x9 Time Capsule Container Standard
Basic Arnold standard time capsule comes with sealant, label, desiccant

Arnold 7x9 Time Capsule Container Standard

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Basic Time Capsule container with sealant, label. Note: Allow 3 days processing time for this Time Capsule.
Part Number:FL-77590sd
  • Stainless Steel:Hand Polished Stainless Steel 304 with Handle
  • Airtight:Follow instructions to make the time capsule airtight when you seal it
  • Perfect Size:Wide enough to fit small hardback book, short enough to fit easily on shelf

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Personal 7 x 9 Arnold Time Capsule Standard New with Cosmetic Blemishes

Comes with:

  • Time Capsule: 77590sd Arnold Basic Standard Refurbished (has cosmetic blemishes on top & bottom)
  • Allow 3 days' processing time
  • Conditioning: 1/2 Unit Desiccant
  • Labels: Label 7601 Polyester Black & Silver 3x4" has space for you to write instructions. Label 7604 with serial number with unique registration number.
  • Starter stationery set with 2 Sheets Letter to the Future Printed Stationery, matching Inventory Sheet & 2 matching envelopes (cream)
  • 3 Info Leaflets: 100 Ideas for Time Capsule Items, 12 Tips to Planning a Time Capsule Event, and Preservation Hints for Time Capsule Items
  • Sealant: Non-corrosive silicone with wax (82703) with how to bury, how to apply instructions


  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Design: Deep Drawn Bottom
  • Closure: Threaded cap, complete with sealant
  • Product Life: 70+ years indoors; 50 years or less outdoors (follow instructions that come with sealant)
  • Dimensions: Size shown is with outer dimensions, 7.75" d x 9.0"

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