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7x9 Time Capsule Stainless Steel Container Basic Arnold Model
Basic Arnold time capsule comes with sealant, label, desiccant

7x9 Time Capsule Stainless Steel Container Basic Arnold Model

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Basic Arnold stainless steel time capsule container is 7.75" x 9" & has label, sealant, info and more
Part Number: FL-77590
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Personal 7 x 9 Arnold Time Capsule, Stainless Steel Container

  • Time Capsule: 77590 Time Capsule: 7.75 inches in diameter by 9 inches tall with handle
  • Conditioning: 1/2 Unit Desiccant helps keep items dry inside the time capsule
  • Label: Time Capsule Label 7601 for you to personalize with dates
  • Starter Stationery Kit (2 Letter to the Future Stationery archival sheets, 2 matching envelopes, 1 inventory listing)
  • Main 3 Booklets: Preservation Hints for Time Capsules, 12 Time Capsule Project Tips, 100 Ideas for Time Capsule Items
  • Sealant Kit: silicone (82703) - read & follow all instructions carefully. See how to apply & burial instructions. How to Bury a Time Capsule pamphlet is included!

You get everything you need in this basic time capsule.

Optional: the preservation kit 11759 designed for document preservation in this size, and 1000 cc of Oxygen Absorber packets to remove the Oxygen.

You don't need the kit and O2 removal, but it is recommended for the best long term storage. See our product no. FL-77591 for the standard version of this time capsule. Standard versions are new and unused but will have blemishes on the lid and the bottom of the capsule.

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