An Eagle Scout Project for NWRS Time Capsule Upper Souris 2003

Info for D Johnson's ProjectBoy Scouts take things seriously, and Eagle Scouts especially do. The dedication Ceremony for one of the USFW National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS) Time Capsules was spearheaded by Daniel Johnson for his Eagle Scout project. It was a project enjoyed by the whole community there in the state of North Dakota. This ceremony was held at the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge. And Daniel took the project very seriously. He wanted to make sure the items last long into the future. 

NWRS Time Capsule Dedication Ceremony a Success

At Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge in North Dakota, Daniel Johnson spearheaded the NWRS Time Capsule project. He prepared a place to house the NWRS Time Capsule and its enclosure. He made the protective enclosure that housed the FPP time capsule. It was an important part of the dedication ceremony on 23 September 2003.

That year, all of the USFW National Wildlife Refuges nationwide were celebrating centennials. The NWR history throughout those 100 years made for some interesting projects. We at Future Packaging & Preservation are proud to have been a primary part of those celebrations.

This time capsule measured 16x12x28 inches. It's similar to any of the Archives Box Time Capsules available currently.

Room Enough for Insulation

The enclosure was large enough to accommodate insulation in between the outside of the time capsule and the inside of the enclosure, plus the rocks give it an added amount of protection. When you place a time capsule such as this NWRS Time Capsule above ground, you need to do everything you can to keep the time capsule at a stable temperature over time. You don’t want to bake the capsule during the day and have it cool at night. The contents inside the time capsule will be affected adversely if you do that.

Daniel Johnson's Time Capsule Project Diggers at ceremony
Enlisting help for the time capsule enclosure Preparing the Ground
Welding the capsule enclosure Daniel with Grandfather