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Time Capsule Container 5x22 Standard Stainless Steel (Remanufactured)
Basic Mrs Future includes refurbished capsule, label, sealant, desiccant

Time Capsule Container 5x22 Standard Stainless Steel (Remanufactured)

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Basic 5.5" diam. x 22" ht. Mrs Future Standard Time Capsule stainless steel container with sealant - perfect choice for burial
Part Number: FL-08652SD
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Mrs Future 5.5 x 22 Time Capsule Container Standard - Perfect Choice for Burial


Our 5-1/2" x 22" Stainless Steel Time capsule is slightly smaller than the 6x24 in size, yet it also fits a lot of items. It actually measures 5.5" x 22". This family size time capsule fits a lot of items in it, up to 50 items including DVDs in their cases. You'll get a time capsule that has passed our 12 point inspection for all points, except for cosmetics (see below). With this Mrs 5x22 Future Time Capsule, you get the minimum you need for your time capsule project (the same items that we include with the more perfect 08652 item). You can "Make it a Bundle" that includes two optional but recommended products - the 11652 matching Preservation Enclosures Kit and the Oxygen Absorbers. Ships promptly. 

What's Standard Mean?

It means 'remanufactured.' Don't be afraid of the term standard! The Mrs Future 5.5 x 22 standard time capsule container is a NEW, but slightly irregular, time capsule. It will have some slight blemish that makes us sell it as irregular (small blemish on cap surface, small scratch on bottom, etc.). It is functionally sound and scrupulously inspected for any defect that would affect its quality over time. Customers always tell us they have to look closely to find any imperfection. The scratches come from mishandling in transit to us, and we inspect everything for 12 points of quality - and that includes this cosmetic point.

Features of the 5.5x22" Time Capsule

  • Embossed bottom has the phrase "Time Capsule" & symbol for permanence
  • Stainless steel material with Polished Finish (it's shiny)
  • Simple & Functional Design
  • Affordable yet airtight giving long lasting protection to items inside
  • Can be safely buried if all instructions are followed


  • Time Capsule Basic Cylinder Standard
  • Label: Poly Outdoor Quality Black & Silver is ready for your information as to date of placement & desired time capsule opening
  • Conditioning: 1/2 Unit Desiccant for moisture control inside the time capsule (this is not oxygen absorber)
  • Starter Stationery pack includes 2 sheets Letter to the Future, 2 matching #10 envelopes, Inventory Sheet, in holding sleeve
  • Sealant: Silicone with wax (82703) and all instructions (how to apply, how to bury)
  • All 3 major info pamphlets: 12 Tips to a Successful Time Capsule Project; 100 Time Capsule Ideas for what to put in a time capsule; Preservation Hints for Time Capsule Items to help you figure out how to keep your items nice inside the time capsule (choose the Bundle Option to get the Preservation Kit)
  • Optional - Make it a Bundle, you can add: 11652 Preservation Enclosures Kit and 56101 Ageless oxygen absorbers (1000 cc)


  • Dimensions: 5.5" diameter x 22" (outer dimensions)
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Closure: Twist Off Cap
  • Product Life: Designed to preserve most items properly in most storage for many years
  • Finish: Polished stainless steel
  • Optional - Make it a Bundle, it adds: 11652 Preservation Enclosures Kit and 56101 Ageless oxygen absorbers (1000 cc)
  • Optional - Engraving, we recommend the Laser Marking (logos in vector editable artwork, fonts if in vector)

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