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Time Capsule 6x24 Basic Mr Future Container
Mr Future 6x24 next to Mrs Future 5x22 - photo shows scale

Time Capsule 6x24 Basic Mr Future Container

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6"x24" Mr Future Time Capsule Basic Stainless Steel Container w/sealant, label & desiccant - best quality
Part Number: FL-08624
Availability: Ships promptly. Basic version of the largest cylinder 6x24 time capsule container has sealant, label

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Mr Future 6 x 24 Time Capsule Basic

Mr Future 6 x 24 Basic represents the largest of our Future Line time capsules. You'll get a time capsule that's practically perfect in every way - it passes the 12 point inspection for all points, including cosmetics. With the Basic Mr Future Time Capsule, you get pretty much all you need for any time capsule project. Besides the time capsule, you get:
  • 1/2 unit of desiccant for drying the air inside the time capsule
  • Label Silver & Black Poly 2.5"x 3.5" for you to write on and apply anywhere on the time capsule that you want
  • 82703 Silicone Sealant Wax Kit (to extend the life if you bury the time capsule)
  • All 3 major info pamphlets: 12 Tips to a Successful Time Capsule Project; 100 Time Capsule Ideas for what to put in a time capsule; Preservation Hints for Time Capsule Items to help you figure out how to keep your items nice inside the time capsule (choose the Bundle Option for the Preservation Kit)
  • Starter Stationery Packet with: 2 sheets of printed Letter to the Future stationery; 2 matching envelopes, 1 inventory sheet
  • Large clear poly zip locking holding pouch


  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Closure: Twist off cap
  • Dimensions: 6" diameter by 24" high outer dimensions and 5-7/8" d x 23 7/8" inner dimensions
  • Conditioning 1/2 unit desiccant to condition the air inside.
  • Product Life: Designed to preserve most items properly in storage for up to 50 years or more
  • Finish: Polished
  • Optional: You can get Engraving (Simple or Laser)
  • Optional: Make It A Bundle includes the matching Preservation Enclosures Kit and Oxygen Absorbers, too. Recommended, but not mandatory.
  • Other variations: If you need a plaque, too, see our EZ PKG Mr Future Package with 8x6" Cast Aluminum Plaque deal. If you want to save money but still have a good quality time capsule, see the 08624SD version of this time capsule.

Features of the 6x24 Time Capsule

  • Embossed bottom: "Time Capsule" & symbol for permanence
  • Simple & Functional
  • Affordable design is stainless steel and airtight
  • Time capsule features a strong screw-on lid with flat surface that is easily engraved
  • Polished finish

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