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Garamond font on Sally lids
Garamond font on Sally lids

Light Engraving

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Light Engraving for Family Time Capsule lids - type in your message!
Part Number: EN-ENG6S
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Time Capsule Engraving for the Cylinder Time Capsule Lids

Light Engraving of the Time Capsule Lid - Personalized with your Message!

This engraving is a diamond drag engraving, so the multiple line fonts look best. Sorry we cannot do logos with this method. See LASER ENGRAVING if you need a logo or have a lot of characters.

  1. First, choose a Future Line Time Capsule & place it in your cart. These are the time capsules named Sally, Arnold, Mrs Future or Mr Future. (We cannot do this Light Engraving with our box time capsules due to equipment limitation.) Choose the first quality time capsules because they will have the best quality lid for engraving. If you engrave a second quality time capsule, expect imperfections on the lid (small scratches are the most common).
  2. You'll see a base price for this item, and that is the "setup" fee. No matter how many characters you have, this is a fixed charge.
  3. Now, start typing in the boxes. There is a limit of 25 characters per line.

Price Depends On Characters Plus Setup Fee and Input!

Your total price will depend on how many characters you have, and how you lay out the message in the different spaces. You can choose more than one of the areas, but each area has a fixed price. You can maximize each line if you want, and let us know in the notes how you want to split up the lines.

Font Choice

The default font choice is Garamond 6 Line. Another 6 Line font is the Goudy. 6 line fonts show up better on the polished stainless steel. Other fonts may have 4 lines or 2 lines in their style. See examples.

Design & Writing Tips

Keep your message short but meaningful. Lid sizes are as follows: Sally Lid 3.5" diameter; Mrs. Lid 5.5" diameter; Mr Lid 6" diameter; Arnold Lid 7.75" diameter. The Arnold lid needs to be engraved in the area underneath the handle, so it's limited. The more characters you have, the smaller the font must be to fit the lid properly. What if your message comes shy of some letters/spaces that you need to pay for already? Add a year (4 chars) or a date like 3/17/2016. We will put it on a separate line.


Allow 2 weeks timing for the light engraving service, in addition to any timing for product preparation and shipping time. Sorry, while we can ask for a rush from our local supplier, there is NO guaranteed rush for engraving.

Number of characters too many for this option? Consider the Laser Engraving option instead.

Examples of messages and how to type them

First Line of Entry                                           Second Line                                                                Third Line

  1. Baker High School/2016-20                   66/Go Lancers! [this to be centered and have 3 lines]
  2. Emma Jean/1941-2007                                                      [to be centered and placed on two lines]
  3. CVHS/Class of 2011/Time                      Capsule/Open in 2036 [4 lines, centered]
  4. Mike & Kathy2008Open2018                                          [to be centered and placed on 3 lines]
  5. Robert & Ann Crawford 2016                Our 10th Anniversary/Open                                     June 22, 2031 [4 lines centered]
  6. Bob&Ann June22,1983/Open                June 2033/50th Anniversary [4 lines, centered]
  7. Donna & Bill/April 26, 2010/                Forever in Love/Open April                                     26, 2060 [4 lines centered]
  8. John & Sally/Zimmerman                      "Timeless"/March 9, 2013 [4 lines, centered]
  9. Jorge & Angie/2012 [2 lines, centered]
  10. Jennifer & Dan/A Celebration              of Happiness/10th Anniver                                sary/August 19, 2014 [4 lines centered]
  11. Howell Family/Created 2012 [2 lines centered]
  12. Love is Timeless/Happy 25                   th Anniversary/Mom & Dad                                      June 15, 1988 - June 15, 2014 [4 centered]
  13. LIVING THE LEGACY/2011 [2 centered]
  14. A petal falls./An instant.                        /An age.          [3 lines centered]
  15. 100th Anniversary/Clearwa                  ter County, Idaho/Februar                                           y 27, 2011/Open 2061 [4 centered lines]
  16. Jonathan’s/1st/Birthday [3 lines centered]
  17. In memory of timeless & p                   recious love/Al & Angie C                                         omstock29 Oct 2004Forever    [5 lines centered]
  18. A lifetime begins this                             hour June 5, 2017 [2 centered lines]
  19. Jessica Anne Martin 2010 [2 centered lines]
  20. This is the story of our                           lives./Betsey Ives 36/Dan                          Comstock45|Mandy14|Eliza6 [3 centered lines]
  21. Our Love is Timeless 2017 [2 centered lines]
  22. Wishing you golden mome                   nts & warm memories.                               Happy 50th Anniversary [3 centered lines]
  23. And now abide faith, hope,                  love, these three;but the                              greatest of these is love. [3 or 4 centered lines]
  24. Char,Thanks for the best ye                 ar of my life!Here's to m                            any more. I love you,Tom [4 centered lines]
  25. I asked you to marry me                    10 years ago. Best.                                       Decision. Ever. [3 lines centered]
  26. In celebration of all the                    wonderful times together                          .Past, present & future. [3 centered lines]

Just type in the characters you want on the lid. We will center it properly and space it normally. Do you want a proof/example? Just ask in your notes. If any question we will contact you. You can type all on a line and continue on the next - we will make it one word and have it fit nicely. Again any questions just put it in your order notes or call us. We've uploaded many examples of our work. This engraving is simple and cannot accommodate pictures or logos.

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