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Mr Future Laser Lid
Mr Future Laser Lid

Laser Engraving Family

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Your Price: $49.00
Laser Engraving for Family Time Capsule Cylinder Lids provides a beautiful way to personalize your time capsule lid - lasts a lifetime or more. Allow one week for this service after you approve our proof.
Part Number: EN-971F
Availability: Allow 1 week for this option after you approve the proof. Free Shipping.

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Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving of the Time Capsule Lid Permanently Marks the Time Capsule

Beautiful way to personalize any time capsule lid. Use this option when you have a lot of wording (more than 35 characters) or when you want a certain font or look.

  1. First, choose the pricing that matches the time capsule cylinder you've already placed in your shopping cart.
  2. Then, simply type your message in the area provided below
  3. (Optional) you can upload a file to show layout and wording
  4. For a logo, we need your file to be in vector format, black and white, editable so that our Illustrator 15 can read it (see below)

We can render your black and white artwork and/or message on the time capsule lid. Laser engraving is priced by the area (in square inches, Length x Width) of the lid or top of your time capsule. It is beautiful and easily accommodates a b&w logo or line art, as well as almost unlimited wording. (NO photos, NO gray scale.) The reason in the price differences is because of the kind of time capsule lid you choose to do the engraving on. The Future Line time capsules are cheaper because the equipment to do the laser marking easily accommodates that size but not the larger, thicker stainless steel sizes. Stainless steel (unlike aluminum or plastic materials) is a hard medium to do engraving on. This marking does not cut into the metal, but rather, is a high quality marking process that lasts forever.

Artwork Requirements:

Logos, artwork & special fonts should be submitted in B&W Editable Vector Art Format ONLY (*.ai) preferred. All fonts should be converted to outlines/curves. Artwork requiring any touch-up or modifications will be charged separately. We can also recreate a logo or artwork for an additional charge. Please contact our graphics department for more information.
  • 97101 Sally measures 3.5" diameter lid, use 3" diameter for design
  • 97102 Mrs Future measures 5.5" diameter, use 5" diameter for design
  • 97103 Mr Future measures 6" diameter, use 5.5" diameter for design
  • 97104 Arnold is 7.75" diameter, use about 4" x 3" for design
Note: When in doubt, just email us the file, either before or after you order. To order, place a time capsule in your cart. Add the appropriate laser engraving option. Type in your wording and/or upload your artwork file for us to make a proof from. Timing is about 2 weeks for this service.


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