Laser Engraved Time Capsule Marking – Beautiful, Unique

To mark one’s time capsule container is to make it one’s own. The laser engraved marking style is indelible – it lasts forever. It’s beautiful. Laser Engraving for a Time Capsule

Laser can accommodate logos and pictures if they are in the right kind of file format (editable vector in black & white). The result is a beautiful way to place your message onto our stainless steel time capsule.

Laser Marking Examples

What does our laser engraving look like? You can see more examples of the laser engraved lids in our gallery and also in the ordering area. Seeing examples of what other customers have put on their time capsule is helpful for coming up with something to say on your own.

Engraving differs from a Cast Plaque. Laser engraved marking identifies the time capsule container. A Cast Plaque, however, marks the place where your time capsule is. You can have the laser marked engraving serve double duty if you decide to display your time capsule.

However, you may intend to bury your time capsule or place it into a wall or concealed location. In these cases, you should consider marking the placement with a cast bronze or cast aluminum plaque. In this way you help make sure the time capsule is not lost. Do not consider placing the time capsule in the ground in such a way that the top (engraved or not) is exposed to the elements.

To engrave your time capsule lid, add it as a separate product along with the order for your time capsule. Once you know the size of your time capsule's lid, it's easy. Go here for ordering engraving for family time capsule cylinders (round lids) and here for time capsule boxes (either a round design for inside of the bolted style time capsule lids, or larger rectangle area for capped time capsule lids).Laser Engraving for a Family Time Capsule

It’s not too difficult to figure pricing beforehand. There’s a flat rate for each of the cylinder sizes. For the box time capsules, pricing goes by the size of the lid. A 9×4? lid is 36?, a 10×8? one is 80? and so on. Just choose the size that fits your time capsule lid.

The bolted time capsule lids measure 12×12, 14×14, and 16×16?. They cost a bit more to do the Laser Engraved Marking service. They weigh more. Your design and message should fit within the area inside the circle formed by the bolt holes. The 12×12? features a 9.25? diameter area, the 14×14? has an 11.25? diameter, and the 16×16? has one that’s 13.25? diameter. We will be happy to help you with your basic design. Just call or send an email with your questions.

Artwork for Logos

To be rendered properly, artwork for logos cannot be in a JPG file but rather, should be in an editable vector format in black and white. Special fonts also need to be outlined and in vector format. Save the artwork in a file that we can read – in CS5 (Illustrator 15) OR BELOW, or CorelDraw 15 or below. We draw up a proof for you to approve before doing the work. If you have any problems with uploading files, just email us the file.

We do have in our files a number of commonly used school mascots and church-related logos - just ask us if we have your particular logo.

Comparing CostsEngraved Lid for St Johns

So why does this engraving for time capsules seem so expensive? It’s important to compare the right things. Some materials are soft (aluminum is one example). They’re easy to mark. Plastics are a snap to mark. This however does not mean they will last a long time.

For stainless steel, a hard material, the Laser Engraved Marking process requires a special coating. The coating material prepares the surface for the indelible marking that lasts hundreds of years. That’s why the price is a function of the surface area of the lid.

You can save a lot of money by using just a label or a cheap plaque - but you get what you pay for in the long run.