Colorful Backgrounds for Plaques: Go Green!

Nothing says that you have to have a traditional background such as dark oxide (most popular for bronze plaques) or black (most popular for aluminum plaques). Those are traditional default choices and they are beautiful. But if you want other colors, we have them. And if they are the foundry standard colors, there is no additional charge. Let's show some green colored plaques in this post. Let's also go over a few of the choices you have when you order the final plaque specifications. Right now our website does not make it easy to put all those choices online for you to choose right away. We have the defaults, and "other". This post should help you fill out some of the "other" specs.Valerie Green Plaque

Places to Go on our Website for Plaque Information

We have the main catalog page here for all of our main products. We try to keep this catalog updated, but prices are always subject to change and correction!

See the same catalog area for our plaque pamphlets - in particular, the Things to Specify for Plaques pamphlet. This goes over various specifications such as:
  • Border Style (such as: Single Line; Bevel; Single Line Bevel; Double Line; None)
  • Background Color (such as: Black; Dark Oxide; Green......)
  • Background Texture (such as: Leatherette; Stipple; Sand; Pebbled)
  • Mounting (such as: blind mount - no holes; 4 holes for mounting in wood; 4 holes for mounting on a hollow wall area; 4 holes for mounting into concrete)
Standard questions about what kind of artwork the logo or special lettering needs to be in is also on the catalogs page. 

Don't forget to check out our examples on the Plaques Gallery. Browse the various examples we have done over the years for outdoor quality plaques. 

Green Colors to Specify for Your Plaque

Some standard green colors are offered, and most customers can find a standard color to be perfect for their plaque. If you have a custom color, however, the foundry can accommodate it for an additional cost. Please contact us for more information on custom colors.

Common standard greens are: Spring Green 3555, Emerald Green 0222, Federal Green 0259, Light Green 2108, Dark Green 2030, and Hunter Green 2162.

Spring Green and Emerald Green

Spring and Emerald GreenThe lighter green colors are Spring Green and Emerald Green. They have more brightness in the hue. The Derby plaque below shows an Emerald Green onto aluminum metal, outdoor quality. Two swatches below show the Spring and Emerald colors.
Derby in Emerald Green

Federal Green and Light Green

Federal and Light Green
The medium greens available are Federal Green and Light Green. The Turlock Plaque is an example of a Federal Green colored background. It is a bronze metal plaque. Color swatches below are for both colors.
Turlock Green Plaque

Dark Green and Hunter Green

Dark Green and Hunter Green
For a darker green presentation, consider the Dark Green or Hunter Green colors. They are quite dark, which could be a good contrast for your plaque. Color swatches are below and an example of a Dark Green color background. The Restroom Plaque below has a Dark Green background, and it is an aluminum plaque featuring braille for way-finding purposes.
Restrooms Plaque is Dark Green Color Background

More Plaques with Green Background Colors

Dunning Sign has Dark Green Background
This Dunning Spring plaque is a good example of a Dark Green Background as it looks mounted outside. It is a cast aluminum plaque, and in this case it needed special mounting.

A few years ago we did a plaque for the Rome Area Historical Society, and that plaque was a cast aluminum with hunter green background. We show it below.
We hope this article has been helpful to you in choosing a green background for your plaque. We also have various other color backgrounds for you to choose from! Simply contact us with your questions and we will try our best to help you.
Rome Area Historical plaque with hunter green background