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Family Time Capsules

Choose from several popular family size time capsules for the perfect small time capsule project! Sensible prices for sturdy stainless steel time capsules for any purpose. Can be buried.
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Personal 3x12 Indoor Sally Time Capsule Set
Average Rating(1)
$49.99  $39.97
Stainless steel time capsule with velvet pouch presentation
3x12 Personal Time Capsule Stainless Steel
Back Order.
Time Capsule 5x22 Basic Mrs Future Container
Average Rating(2)
$99.97  $92.97
Basic version of the 5x22 Future time capsule container has sealant, label
Time Capsule 7x9 Basic Stainless Steel Container Basic
Out of Stock.
Time Capsule 6x24 Basic Mr Future Container
Average Rating(3)
Basic version of the largest cylinder 6x24 time capsule container has sealant, label
Time Capsule 3x12 with Scroll, Personal Indoor
Average Rating(1)
$49.99  $39.97
Special Time Capsule includes 11x17" Scroll & Pen