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Easy Package Aluminum Plaque Size Change
12x12 Plaque for the Citizens Building in Goodhue County in 2016

Easy Package Aluminum Plaque Size Change

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Your Price: $125.00
Now it's easy to upgrade the size of your 8x10 plaque for those turnkey Easy Packages! Just add this to your cart to make the plaque a larger size.
Part Number: MP-PKGSIZE
Availability: In Stock.

EZ Plaque Size Change

This add-on allows a plaque size change to be made for Easy Packages only, from an 8x10 size to a larger size. Add this to your shopping cart along with any easy package.

  • 12x12"
Sometimes all the wording you need to say - or if you want to add a logo - the best thing to do is to go up in size. This item allows you to do that for the Aluminum Plaque that comes with the Easy Packages. Just add this item along with the package you need in order to get the larger size plaque.

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