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  4. 12x12x24 Time Capsule PKG Neptune, Medium Kit, 8x10 Plaque
12x12x24 Time Capsule PKG Neptune, Medium Kit, 8x10 Plaque
Easy package includes capped time capsule, preservation kit & plaque

12x12x24 Time Capsule PKG Neptune, Medium Kit, 8x10 Plaque

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Easy Package Neptune 12x12x24" Time Capsule 11001 Medium Preservation Kit & 8x10 Plaque!
Part Number: EZ-93218
Availability: The capsule & kit ship promptly. Nice size time capsule container packaged with preservation kit and outdoor plaque

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Neptune Easy Package Time Capsule with Medium Preservation Kit & 8x10" Plaque

Time Capsule

  • 42350 - 12 x 12 x 24" NEPTUNE Stainless Steel Capped Time Capsule Box
  • 56101 - Ageless Oxygen Absorbers (calculated amount)
  • 56701 - Desiccant (calculated amount)
  • 7601 - Time Capsule Label Silver Poly Write On
  • 82042 - Sealant & Instructions, Burial Instructions & advice
  • Limited Warranty included for time capsule

Preservation Kit

  • 11001 Medium (Regular) Preservation Kit 1 has many safe and easy to use enclosures for most common time capsule items
  • Stationery Starter Pack (included in kit)
  • All Info: Complete Kit Instructions; Burial Instructions; Preservation Hint for Time Capsules; 100 Ideas for Time Capsule Contents; 12 Tips to a Successful Time Capsule Project

Outdoor Plaque

  • AP108 - 8x10" Cast Aluminum Plaque - outdoor quality (or choose Bronze for additional charge)
  • Proof included - assures you get what you want in look and design; no extra charges unless special logo art is required, and text must fit the space (see requirements)
  • Specifications included - assure you get what you need for installation, color, hardware
  • Just type the wording you want for your cast plaque in the space provided. (If there is a problem with the fit, we will let you know before we send you the proof.)
  • Choose the color background, texture, border & mounting method. Don't stress - you'll get another chance to change these when you get the formal spec sheet and proof
  • We need your signed approval before we can submit the plaque to the foundry - do sign and email both sheets back to us. Then allow about 3 weeks' delivery.

Please note: for packages, we ship the time capsule and kit first, in about 3 days, and you get a proof for the plaque. After approving the proof, the foundry makes the plaque with delivery in about 3 weeks. Should you wish the items to ship together, place this information in your order notes. With a package, you must finalize the plaque within 30 days or we will need to remove the plaque from your order and you will lose your discount. Please contact our office for assistance!

International Customers: Sorry, we cannot ship easy packages outside of the USA.

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