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Easy package includes capped time capsule, preservation kit & plaque
Easy package includes capped time capsule, preservation kit & plaque

14x14x30 Milky Way Time Capsule Package Medium Kit, 8x10 Plaque

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Big Easy Package Milky Way 14x14x30 Time Capsule Box has Large Preservation Kit, 8x10 Plaque
Part Number: EZ-93223
Availability: Time Capsule & Kit are in stock

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Milky Way 14x14x30 Easy PKG - Kit 1 - 8x10 Plaque

Capped Time Capsule

  • 42588 - 14 x 14 x 30" Milky Way Simple Capped Time Capsule Box
  • 56301 - Ageless Oxygen Absorbers - calculated amount is included
  • 56701 - Desiccant - calculated amount is included
  • 7601 - Time Capsule Label Silver Poly Write On
  • 82042 - Sealant & Instructions on how to apply and How To Bury a Time Capsule booklet
  • Limited Warranty

Preservation Kits

  • 11001 - Preservation Kit Medium or Regular, a perfect sized preservation kit with many enclosures for most common time capsule items.
  • Stationery Starter Pack in kit
  • Info: Complete Kit Instructions; Burial Instructions; Preservation Hint for Time Capsules; 100 Ideas for Time Capsule Contents (in the kit). Preservation of Newspapers booklet is also included.

Cast Aluminum Plaque

  • AP108 - 8x10" Cast Aluminum Plaque - outdoor quality & coating included (or choose bronze upgrade if desired)
  • Proof included - assures you get what you want in look and design
  • Specifications included - assure you get what you need for installation, color, hardware
  • Customize Your Cast Plaque: just type the wording you want for your cast plaque in the space provided. (If there is a problem with the fit, we will let you know before we send you the proof.)
  • Choose the border, texture, background color and mounting for your plaque. You will be able to revise them after we send the proofs to you.
  • Once we receive your approvals, we submit to our foundry. Allow 3 weeks plus delivery time after that for timing.
Please note: for packages, we ship the time capsule and kit first, in about 3 days, and you get a proof for the plaque. After approving the proof, the foundry makes the plaque with delivery in about 3 weeks. Should you wish the items to ship together, place this information in your order notes. With a package, you must finalize the plaque within 30 days.

International Customers: Sorry, we cannot ship easy packages outside of the USA.

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