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Time Capsule Package 7x9 with small preservation kit & 8x10 Plaque
Easy package for Arnold includes the time capsule, kit, sealant & plaque

Time Capsule Package 7x9 with small preservation kit & 8x10 Plaque

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Easy Package Arnold 7x9 Standard with Document Preservation Kit & 8x10 Plaque
Part Number: EZ-93102
Availability: Time Capsule & Kit are in stock

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Package with Arnold 7x9 Time Capsule, Preservation Kit, 8x10" Aluminum Plaque

Arnold Stainless Steel 7-3/4" x 9" Time Capsule, Preservation Kit, and 8x10 Outdoor Quality Plaque

Comes with all you need for a perfect small time capsule project. Small space? No problem! And, you get a plaque and preservation kit, too!

  • 77590sd - Arnold Time Capsule 7-3/4" d X 9" h Standard - allow 3 days processing time for the capsule
  • 56700 - 1/2 unit desiccant
  • 11759 - Arnold Document Preservation Kit with 10 g silica gel, + over 20 more enclosures
  • 7601 - Label Silver Poly 2.5x3.5 "Time Capsule"
  • AP108 - 8 x 10" Outdoor Aluminum Plaque, outdoor quality (or you can choose bronze - see options)
  • 82703 - Sealant Wax Kit & Instructions on how to apply and how to bury
  • 56101 - Oxygen Absorber Conditioners (1000cc)
  • Info: Complete Kit Instructions and Preservation Hint for Time Capsules
  • More info pamphlets: 100 Ideas for Time Capsule Contents, 12 Time Capsule Project Tips, Burial Tips & Instructions

Please note: for packages, we ship the time capsule and kit first, in about 3 days, and you get a proof for the plaque. After approving the proof, the foundry makes the plaque with delivery in about 3 weeks. Should you wish the items to ship together, place this information in your order notes. With a package, you must finalize the plaque within 30 days or we will need to remove the plaque from your order and you will lose your discount. Please contact our office for assistance!

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