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PKG Aries 16x16x30 Capped Time Capsule Kit 12x12 PLQ
Easy package includes capped time capsule, preservation kit & plaque

PKG Aries 16x16x30 Capped Time Capsule Kit 12x12 PLQ

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Biggest Time Capsule Box & Large Kit with 12x12 Plaque
Part Number:EZ-93226
  • Product Bundle:Get a time capsule, kit and plaque all at once!

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Aries 16x16x30 Time Capsule Easy Package with Large Preservation Kit, 12x12 Plaque

Capped Stainless Steel Time Capsule

  • 42768 - 16 x 16 x 30" Aries Capped Time Capsule
  • 7601 - Silver Polyester Label
  • 7604 - Label Time Capsule Unique number registration
  • 56101 - Ageless Oxygen Absorber Conditioners
  • 56701 - Desiccant
  • Warranty

Preservation Kit 11003 Large

Our biggest preservation kit provides many items such as
  • Sleeves for your photos and documents
  • Special Permalife letter sized paper
  • Lots of information on what to do with the enclosures and why
  • Main pamphlets: Complete Kit Instructions; Burial Instructions; Preservation Hint for Time Capsules; 100 Ideas for Time Capsule Contents; How to Preserve Newspapers; 12 Project Tips for Time Capsules

12x12 Outdoor Plaque

  • AP1212 Aluminum Plaque 12"x12" (or choose Bronze material for additional charge - see options)
  • How to start: Just type the wording you want for your cast plaque in the space provided. (If there is a problem with the fit, we will let you know before we send you the proof.)
  • You get Proofs and you approve them - this assures you get what you want in look and design
  • Specifications - you get to choose things you need for installation, color, hardware (you will specify background color, border, texture & mounting)
  • Please contact us if you want to include a logo (there are special artwork requirements), or try uploading here. We will work up a proof and specs sheet for your to sign approval before we submit to the foundry. Allow 3 to 4 weeks time in all for your special plaque.

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