Time Capsule & Plaque Price Catalogs & Info

Download our Catalogs for Info and Pricing for Time Capsules, Plaques & Preservation Kits!

FPP CatalogWe've placed all of our major items into our 10 page catalog. Here you will find pricing and sizes for all the different FPP Time Capsule Containers. See the standard sizes and pricing for our outdoor quality bronze and aluminum plaques. That section also has details for what you need to specify for your plaque, such as color of background, texture, mounting and border styles. Check out the different Preservation Kits - with contents listings - and the more popular archival supplies for long term storage. Print out all the info you need about our time capsule boxes and family time capsules. This catalog also details the time capsule options you might want - such as laser engraving for time capsules, easy packages for time capsules that include a plaque and kit, too. Prices in the catalogs are subject to change. We expect a new main Archivally Speaking catalog to be available in September 2021. Most current pricing is found on our website. 

Plaques Information

Your Artwork

If you wish to have a logo or artwork on your plaque, please read and follow the information here before submitting to us. Artwork for plaques is not the same as for print or for the web. You have a beautiful logo but in order for it to be rendered in formed metal, spacing requirements must be followed. In some cases, you may need to go to an etched logo onto the plaque. This is an additional charge, but may be more economical to do than to increase your plaque's size. Please contact us with any questions.

Plaque Specifications

There are hundreds of choices when it comes to a plaque. The metal is a big choice, as is the size. All of our plaques in aluminum and bronze are provided with Raised, Brushed lettering. If you prefer a polished look or incised lettering, this is custom with us but we can do it. Then there are Border Styles, Background Colors, Textures, and Mounting Methods. Our website ordering is limited to one standard choice for these options, but we provide a space for "Other." That is where you can call out the standard color you want or a specific border style. See the following leaflets for detailed explanation of what to specify for your plaque, and some further information about background colors that we hope is helpful.

Here you can see the border styles, background color, rosettes and other information for plaques, all in one place.

Background Colors

Default background colors are: Dark Oxide for Bronze and Black for Aluminum. There is an additional charge for custom colors.

Two pages of some different standard background colors are provided here.

  • PAGE ONE has White, Ivory, Desert Sand, Grey, Dove Grey, Safety Green, Lemon Yellow, Yellow, Citrus Yellow, Sundance Yellow, Mango, Orange, Red Orange, Rampart Orange, Red, Brick Red, Black Cherry, Maroon, Magenta, and Purple.
  • PAGE TWO has Violet Toner, Midnight Blue, Dark Blue, Medium Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Marine Reef Blue, Teal Blue, Spring Green, Emerald Green, Federal Green, Light Green, Dark Green, Hunter Green, Brilliant Gold, Metallic Gold, Aztec Gold, Copper, Aztec Copper, Brown, Medium Bronze, Old Copper, Duranodic Bronze, Metallic Silver, and Black.