Types of Stainless Steel Time Capsule Boxes

Time Capsule Box StainlessTypes of Stainless Steel Time Capsule Boxes

We have two kinds of time capsule boxes. Both are stainless steel, both can be buried. But they differ in style. The capped cornerstone box is a simple design and the bolted time capsule box is a more complicated design. Even though they differ in design, they still provide sturdy protection. In general, choose a special order bolted box if you need to store your items more than 75 years, or choose the capped box for moderately protected long term storage or burial up to 75 years.

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We Named Our Family Time Capsules!


Family Time Capsules Have Personality!

We’ve always named our time capsule styles and models. But what are they really like? Are they famous Time Capsule Personalities? Let’s get personal! What is the Future Line brand of time capsules? They are our family time capsules (also school time capsules and baby time capsules) that are cylinder shaped canisters. They are sized, smallest to largest: 3.5 x 11.75", 7.75 x 9", 5.5 x 22", and 6 x 24".

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