Understanding Plaque Specifications

Plaque Specifications ExplainedThings to Specify for Formed Metal Plaques

Some things we just can’t help you with. You will need to make decisions that only you can make.Where you place your plaque, for instance, is up to you.

We can help you by showing you what others have done, and we do that in articles in this blog (such as the Hollywood Time Capsule article) and our gallery, of course, for both aluminum plaques and bronze plaques.

But because to order a bronze plaque, or to order an aluminum one, you need to specify other things that are detailed and likely unfamiliar to you, we thought an article might help. Check out specs for plaque borders, plaque background colors and textures here. We can definitely help you understand the differences in various choices. This article attempts to do that by using a few of the more common specs that you can choose for plaque things.
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