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Baby treasures time capsule and supplies
Baby treasures time capsule and supplies

Baby Time Capsule 7x9 Baby Treasures Set with Preservation Kit, Book, Info

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Keepsake Baby Treasures Stainless set with 7 x 9" Baby Time Capsule, Preservation Kit with tissue and archival photo sleeves, professional preservation book, gift box, more.
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The Original Baby Treasures Time Capsule Set

You will not see this collectible time capsule made by anyone else. Many have tried unsuccessfully to duplicate it. Most companies know a lot about marketing but little about how to keep things safe and protected over time. Uniquely designed with baby, mom, dad & grandparents in mind, this elegant memory box set is fully archival and safe for long term storage of personal artifacts. It's designed to preserve most items properly in storage for up to 50 years or more.


  • Arnold Stainless Steel Time Capsule, the 7-3/4" diameter by 9" tall "Arnold" model
  • Gift Box to present and to keep your time capsule in
  • Baby Time Capsule Preservation Kit, includes these supplies:
    • Stationery. 5 decorated "Letter for the Future" stationery sheets (give them to grandparents, siblings, and friends);
    • Extra Sheets. 10 plain sheets (use for extra letter sheets or for copying important news articles onto);
    • Matching archival envelopes. 10 6x9"special buffered paper envelopes (use for folded letters, congratulation cards, and for holding photos in sleeves),
    • Inventory Sheet. 1 Inventory "For the Time Capsule" planner sheet,
    • Archival pen. 1 archival black writing pen,
    • Archival tissue. 1 large 18x24" sheet of neutral, acid-free (non-buffered) wrapping/interleaf tissue,
    • Nylon pouches. 3 nylon drawstring pouches: 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small (use for safekeeping of small baby artifacts such as pacifier, small toys, special coins).
    • Archival Artifact Tags. You also get 2 buffered paper artifact tags on string (tie to toys, small artifacts with explanation of importance),
    • Archival vials for little things. 2 plastic DNA or sample vials (great to use for most seeds, too),
    • Archival buffered tissue. 1 sheet 15x20" buffered acid-neutralizing tissue,
    • 8x10" time capsule MVP storage bag & instructions (use for sealing up things you're not sure about, such as a leather wallet or a rubber ducky),
    • Glue stick. 1 archival glue stick (best used to stick paper envelopes closed),
    • Archival plastic protector. 1 archival clamshell poly CD/DVD protector (easy to write on the outside with identification and instructions),
    • Archival photo sleeves. 10 archival fold-locking polypropylene photo sleeves (you get: 2 of size 2"x7" for clippings or small photos; 2 of the 4x6" size; 2 of the 5x7" size; and 4 of the 8.5x11" size for any digital output or certificates),
    • Templates. 2 genealogy forms to fill out, and you can photocopy them for future family (an archival Family Group Sheet and an archival Ancestor Guide Sheet);
    • Safe conditioner. 1 packet of 10 g Silica Gel conditioner to keep items dry.
    • The How-To Preserve book by Janet Reinhold, Your Baby Treasures Time Capsule: How to Preserve Lasting Memories from Baby's First Year (144 page paperback, $11.99 value)
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