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Pen Archival Black or Blue Each

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Safe pen for long term use when signing papers or any general writing, choose blue or black color. Fade resistant, water resistant when dry.
Part Number: AS-65000-1
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Pen Archival Black or Blue

The SIGNO 207™ retractable gel pen is made with innovative Super Ink™ technology, specially formulated to prevent check and document fraud. The rich, acid-free gel ink system promises no skips, blobs, or smears.

Great For Archival Writing

The Signo line of gel pens uses "uni Super-ink", an archival quality ink that is water-proof and fade-resistant. The ink dries faster than a standard ballpoint to prevent smearing when writing.

Formulated for consistently-smooth ink flow, the SIGNO 207 ensures that every word is brilliantly communicated. With a contemporary barrel design, the 207™ features sleek, metallic accents for an elegant appearance and a visible ink supply, ensuring that you’ll never unexpectedly run dry.

The point size on these pens is .7mm.

Sold Each

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