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1000 cc size Ageless oxygen absorbers
1000 cc size Ageless oxygen absorbers

Oxygen Absorbers 1000cc Packs

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1000 cc Oxygen Absorbers in small packs simply removes oxygen from inside your time capsule
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Oxygen Absorber Packets 1000cc

Easy to use, just cut the silver packets right before you're ready to seal your time capsule. Disperse the white packets inside of your container right on top of your items.

What they do

Every time capsule container should have some oxygen absorbers to remove the oxygen from the air inside of it. When an oxygen absorber is removed from its silver protective packaging, the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere begins to permeate into the iron particles inside of the absorber sachet. Moisture activates the iron, and it oxidizes to form iron oxide. As oxygen is consumed to form iron oxide the level of oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere is reduced. Absorber technology of this type may reduce the oxygen level in the surrounding atmosphere to below 0.01%.

Although commonly packed in smaller quantities such as 1 (1000 cc), 2 (2000 cc) and 3 (3000 cc) into airtight Marvelseal packages, we can also pack other quantities, e.g. 5 (5,000), 10 (10,000) and 25 (25,000). Comes with instructions and information on how to calculate what you need in an airtight rigid container (such as our time capsules). Recommended for all airtight time capsules.

How to Calculate Oxygen Absorbers Needed for a Time Capsule (with example)

  1. What’s the ‘head space’ or the area in between your contents and the time capsule top? For example, a capsule measuring 12x12x24” that has contents ¾ full, or to the 12x12x18 mark, has a remaining head space of 12x12x6” or 864 cubic inches of air. Simple conversion to ml is shown below.*
  2. Of that amount, what’s the amount of oxygen in that air? Using the fact that 21% of air is oxygen, take 21% of the calculated amount (14158.4 times 21% equals 2,973.264).
  3. Now simply divide that amount by the size of oxygen absorber packets you have:**
  4.     ÷ 300cc    = 9.91088, round up to 10 packets of 300 - or -
  5.     ÷ 500cc    = 5.946528, round up to 6 packets of 500 - or -
  6.     ÷ 1000cc  = 2.973264, round up to 3 packets of 1000 [current item - Ageless Oxygen Absorbers 1000cc]

* For volume, 864 cu. in. is equivalent to 14158.4 ml [To convert - https://www.google.com/search?q=inches+to+mm]
**NOTE: one milliliter (ml) = one cubic centimeter (cc)

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