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Velvet Pouch for 3x12 Time Capsules
Red, Black Velvet Pouches for Sally time capsules (white no longer is available)

Velvet Pouch for 3x12 Time Capsules

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Velvet Holding Pouch for Sally 3.5x12" Time Capsules (bag measures 6.5x16x4") Round Bottom Can use for Wine, Spirits Bottles
Part Number: AC-89350
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Velvet Pouches for Sally Time Capsules

Fully lined with White Satin, ties with a shiny white cord

This Sally Time Capsule and Velvet Pouch combination are popular and romantic. Imagine presenting an engagement ring to your girlfriend along with a time capsule commitment! The pouch can be used as outer wrap for the Sally model time capsule (or any container or Time Capsule measuring about 3.5"x12") or may be used for wine or spirits bottles, baby bottles, etc. Measure your item carefully and see the dimensions under 'specifications.' Sally's Velvet Pouch measures 6.5" x 16", with a 4" diameter bottom. It's fully lined in white satin, and it's sewn carefully by hand. Quantities are limited.

  • RED - Deep Red Velvet with White Cord
  • BLACK - Luxury Black Velvet with White Cord (Tuxedo Black)

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