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Plaques Aluminum Small 6x8 and 8x10
8x10 Single Line Border Leatherette Texture Gray Background Blind Mount

Plaques Aluminum Small 6x8 and 8x10

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Small Aluminum Plaque can be mounted outdoors: choose 6x8 or 8x10 in this category
Part Number: MP-98207
Availability: Allow 3 weeks for plaque production after approval of proofs.

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Outdoor Aluminum Plaque

  • 6x8 or 8x6"
  • 8x10 or 10x8"

Why buy the outdoor metal plaque?

  • Marks the placement of your Time Capsule
  • Permanent and dignified way to identify, dedicate, commemorate or recognize people, events, places or deeds
  • Perfect for marking your time capsule placement area
  • Symbolize quality, distinction, professionalism and prestige
  • Durable for exterior installations, cast metal plaques withstand intense heat, bitter cold, and even snow and ice
  • Can be restored to their original finishes, extending the life of a cast metal sign beyond many other building materials

Drawing Proof

  • For a simple plaque with wording, simply type into the space provided below.
  • We'll work up a proof based on a recommended layout and email it to you for approval
  • The proof is black and white, with the white areas representing the painted background, and the black areas showing where the metal color will show through
  • Please sign and send the proof back to us via email

Specifications to Choose for Your Small Aluminum Plaque

  • Cast Aluminum material is chosen by default
  • Choose the size of your plaque. 7x5 can be 5x7 - you can determine that later. If you need a size larger than what's here, see our Medium Size Aluminum Plaque.
  • Raised lettering design is chosen by default
  • Choose a border style: Single Line, Bevel Edge, Single Line with Bevel Edge, Double Line, or No Border. Allow extra space for Double Line or Single Line Bevel Edge. Single Line is chosen as default
  • Choose a standard background color: Black, Dark Oxide (like the brown of dark chocolate), Medium Oxide (like the brown of milk chocolate), Navy Blue, or another Standard Color of your choosing - place this information in your notes after checking this box.
  • Choose a standard texture: Leatherette, Pebble, Stipple, Sand. Leatherette is most popular and is chosen by default.
  • Choose a Mounting Method: Blind (no holes through the face) has holes drilled & tapped underneath to hold the hardware; Wood Wall (has holes through face and wood screws); Solid/Concrete (holes through face with machine screws and expansion sleeves); Hollow Wall (holes through face with machine screws and toggle bolts). If choosing a method that has holes through the face, you can choose standard rosettes to cover up the hardware that shows after installation of the plaque.
  • See examples of what plaques look like and what to specify in our PLAQUES GALLERY.

Things to Remember

  • Your choices here are not necessarily final - you get another chance to change wording or layout when we send you the proof sheets
  • We must have your approval of our proof and specifications sheet before we can submit to the foundry
  • After we submit to the foundry, timing for delivery takes about 4 weeks total (Allow 3 weeks for plaque production after approval of proofs.)

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