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  5. 5x7 Photo Sleeves Polypropylene Archival Acid Free pk 10
5x7 Photo Sleeves Polypropylene Archival Acid Free pk 10
Archival plastic is polypropylene, very clear, semi-rigid with fold-locking feature

5x7 Photo Sleeves Polypropylene Archival Acid Free pk 10

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5x7 Photo Sleeves Fold Locking Archival Acid Free Crystal Clear, Sturdy - pk 10
Part Number: AS-34-90057
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Sleeves Polypropylene Photo 5x7" in packs of 10

These Polypropylene Photo Sleeves are sealed on 2 parallel (longer) sides and open on 2 (shorter) sides. They are archival, made of cast polypropylene. They are clear and easy to read through. They are made of a heavier polypropylene than our envelopes, and feature a fold-locking closure. The fold lock is nice for two reasons. First, if the photo or paper item is fragile, you can unlock the protector and gently remove the item. In any other protector, you need to slide the item in and out - thus putting stress on the item unnecessarily. Second, the fold lock provides extra durability and sturdiness to the enclosure. We have found these sleeves to be the best all around protection for photos inside of time capsules.

Some of our customers use these sleeves for mounting 5x7 photos into scrapbook albums. To do this, they use the 1/4" Tape #415 and attach to the back of the sleeves.

  • Passes the P. A. T. test for no photographic enclosure reactivity.
  • Sized for 5x7" photos and postcards (actual measurement slightly more than 5x7)
  • 3 mils thickness
  • Per pack of 10.

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