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10 gram white pack silica gel beads
10 gram white pack silica gel beads

Silica Gel Packets 10 gram beaded each

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10 gram Silica Gel Packets help keep the inside of your time capsule dry. Beaded white in white packets.
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Silica Gel Packets White 10 gram size

Silica Gel Packets are Sorbit Brand packets of 10 gram weight. The silica gel is beaded white gel and it's packed inside of a non-dusting white Tyvek wrapper. This silica gel adsorbent helps dry items inside of time capsules and other packages. It's easy to use and archival.

We package in a polyethylene plastic over-wrap to keep it dry in transit to you. Remove this plastic over-wrap before using.We include this item in most of our Preservation Kits. For example, one packet is inside the 11355 Sally Preservation Kit and one in the Arnold Document Preservation Kit.

They're easy to use and effective in keeping your items dry inside of the container. Just pop the packets into your time capsule before you seal it. Silica Gel Packets - 10g White Beaded silica gel adsorbent keeps items dry of time capsules. Easy to use, archival safe, non-dusting, effective.

  • Protection: 430 cu.in. per packet
  • Size: 2-3/4" x 3" x .25" per packet
  • EACH

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