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Getting Our Items to You

If you do not see the special service you want on the FPP order page, give us a call or place instructions in your order notes. We do not offer 'same day' shipping, but we can offer 2 Day Air A.M., for instance. If you are in a hurry and need same day processing, we can often do that. It's best to call us as to availability or exact processing time for your particular item: 1.626.966.1955. For general estimates of our processing, see this page, Typical Processing Times

Holiday Shipping Info

The last day to get your shipment normally with FedEx or UPS Ground is December 22, so this means you should plan accordingly. If your delivery area is 4 days from our So. Calif. location, and all weather conditions are normal, you need to place your order by Thursday Dec. 14 to get it in time for Christmas. See the maps and charts below for a general guide. For USPS Priority Mail orders, order by December 14 if in Hawaii, December 19 Alaska & mainland US.

Last days to ship via various Fed Ex methods can be used but do allow for processing times (this includes ordering). We will try our best to get the orders processed out in time for you and if any question we'll call or email you right away if any problems. In our business, New Year's Eve is important to some customers, so let us know anything like that in your order notes.  

Shipping Times in Transit

We are located in Southern California, in between San Bernardino and Los Angeles. See the maps below. Find your area or state and in most cases, these times in transit will apply. Holiday times will vary! We have given some estimates below. In addition to that, however, if you are in any rural area and know it takes longer than the urban area near you, add that extra time. In general, we estimate the time in transit on non-holiday days to be, from farthest to nearest to us. See the maps downloaded for 2017 for Fed Ex, UPS, and USPS also.

Far Northeast, Alaska, Hawaii

  • Fed Ex Ground - 5 days, see map
  • USPS Priority Mail - 3 days
  • UPS - see map

Northeast, Mid Atlantic & Southeast USA

  • Fed Ex Ground - 4 days
  • USPS Priority Mail - Allow 2 to 3 days
  • UPS - see map

Midwest USA

  • Fed Ex Ground - 3 days
  • USPS Priority Mail - 2 to 3 days
  • UPS - see map

Western USA

  • Fed Ex Ground - 2 days
  • USPS Priority Mail - 1 to 2 days
  • UPS - 2 days - see map

Los Angeles Area (extends to Las Vegas)

  • FedEx Ground - 1 day
  • USPS Priority Mail - 1 day
  • UPS - 1 day - see map

Fed Ex Ground Map FPP

UPS Ground Times from FPP

Priority Mail Times from FPP


We are happy to answer any questions (or take your order over the phone) - call (626) 966-1955 Mon-Fri 9:30-4:00 p.m. Pacific Time.